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Health Emergency Preparedness and Response: Trainings

Wisconsin Department of Health Services' Office of Preparedness and Emergency Health Care (OPHEC) strives to ensure the safety and wellness of Wisconsin's citizens and respond to all hazards within the state. Contact OPEHC for detailed training information.

Partner resources

Centers for Public Health Preparedness Excellence (one-stop shop training sites): The training sites listed below allow users the ability to search for trainings based on Target Capabilities, providing a useful, quick tool to help individuals or local public health agencies close preparedness capabilities gaps.


WI TRAIN – is the premier learning resource for professionals who protect and promote the public's health. TRAIN Wisconsin is a free service of the Division of Public Health and the Public Health Foundation. This resource is part of the nation's most comprehensive catalog of distance learning for public health professionals, containing over 31,000 course listings from over 3,100 providers of training. As of June 1, 2013, there are over 708,813 learners registered on TRAIN across the country.

WEM training

Wisconsin Emergency Management (WEM) Training – Links to WEM's main training page which allows emergency managers, first responders, and others from across the state to register online for local, state, and federal classes. The training portal allows the student to keep track of their completed courses and print certificates. The full catalog of courses from WEM and its partner agencies is available on the site. Users can view upcoming sessions and any required prerequisites for the training.

Last revised March 8, 2023