Eau Claire County Medical Reserve Corps

The Eau Claire County Medical Reserve Corps (MRC) was established by the Eau Claire City-County Health Department and serves a population of 98,000 residents countywide. The Eau Claire County MRC will provide surge capacity in local disasters, including:

  • Assisting with medical and non-medical functions at mass prophylaxis/vaccination clinics
  • Exercise/drill participation
  • Staffing phone banks
  • Making post-event follow-up calls after an incident
  • Supporting continuity of operations for hospitals and clinics during a pandemic
  • Assisting community long-term recovery efforts through outreach and application assistance for benefits
  • Data collection and entry
  • General and post-crisis education
  • Foreign language education (Hmong, Spanish, Amish)
  • Information technology support
  • Local resource dissemination
  • Logistical support at public clinics

The Eau Claire MRC recruits licensed health and medical personnel, including nurses, nurse practitioners, veterinarians, pharmacists, doctors, chiropractors, physician assistants, and dentists. Non-medical volunteers are also needed to help with administrative and other essential support functions. All prospective volunteers will be encouraged to register with the Eau Claire County MRC.


Eau Claire County 

Unit Coordinator

Diane Hunter 
Eau Claire City/County Health Department 
720 Second Avenue 
Eau Claire, WI 54703 
Phone: 715-839-6287 
Email: diane.hunter@co.eau-claire.wi.us
Website: http://www.ci.eau-claire.wi.us/departments/administration-services/risk-management/emergency-preparedness

Last Revised: November 30, 2015