Wisconsin Emergency Assistance Volunteer Registry (WEAVR)

What is WEAVR?

The Wisconsin Emergency Assistance Volunteer Registry (WEAVR),  is a secure, password-protected, Web-based volunteer registration system for health care and behavioral health professionals. Volunteers interested in filling critical response and recovery roles following a major public health emergency self-register and are the only ones that can update their information.

Based on the information collected from each volunteer, public health officials identify those individuals willing to fill the specific volunteer roles needed in an emergency.  Public health officials will use the WEAVR registry to generate a list of volunteers to be contacted. Those contacted will be given information on where to report and the role that is needed, as well as the option to accept or decline the opportunity. Training will be provided at the reporting site. 

More questions about WEAVR? See a list of Frequently Asked Questions.

Volunteer Spotlight: Marijke van Roojen, LM, CPM, MPH

Marijke van Roojen. She is holding her youngest daughter Hazel.

Marijke van Roojen. She is holding her youngest daughter Hazel.

“I feel like it is my duty. I have the skills and the ability to contribute to efforts in my state during a disaster. I would want to help. I am also very impressed by the level of organization and infrastructure the state provides to its WEAVR volunteers. It is a sophisticated system based on years of experience and collaboration with other state programs. I love what I have seen and learned so far, and am happy to contribute if I can.” This is sample lorem ipsum text that is used in the Green Shadow box. The color will not be applied until this content is saved.


Marijke van Roojen, LM, CPM, MPH, has been a WEAVR member since 2010. Marijke is a practicing midwife and midwifery educator with over 29 years of experience in both the US, and in very low-resource field settings, across the globe. In the 1980s she also trained as a first responder, and volunteered for a number of years on a mountain search and rescue first response team in the Olympic National Forest in Washington State.

Marijke was working as a midwife in Northeast Wisconsin during the severe winter storms in 2010 when a call went out to midwives to see if they could be on alert, given the nearly impassable road conditions. Since Licensed Midwives are ready and equipped to provide urgent care in the home, day or night, rain or shine (or blizzard in this case), this was not outside of reason, and many midwives stepped up to respond, just in case a call came through.

Marijke went on to participate in a statewide WEAVR conference post the Joplin, Missouri tornados in 2011; she took a Functional Assessment Service Team (FAST) training in 2015 and then joined her regional FAST Team in the Fox Valley. In 2015 she also participated in a SURGE X event near Merrill WI, learned to set up the Medical Reserve Corps Mobile Medical Unit (MMU) and then practiced skills handling simulated emergencies with others, as a member of a FAST Team. Of course, one of the SURGE X organizers gave her an emergency simulation with an injured woman in premature labor. No problem! The team assessed her needs (helped to have a midwife!), stabilized her on site, and quickly sent her along by pretend ambulance to the nearest hospital!

The Wisconsin Guild of Midwives, a long-time supporter of WEAVR, hosted Billee Bayou, State WEAVR System Administrator, as a guest speaker at their spring 2015 membership meeting. Midwives were reminded of the importance of WEAVR and the potential for collaboration and partnership during disasters.



WEAVR is live and ready for you to become a member. WEAVR benefits you as a health professional volunteer and those with other skills who may be called upon to respond to a public health emergency. Your health professional license/certification/registration information can be verified by state and national databases allowing for faster deployment of volunteers in an emergency.

Thank you for considering joining WEAVR.

Help Safeguard Wisconsin during Emergencies. Join WEAVR Today!

Editor'’s note: WEAVR is open to active and retired health care professionals and also welcomes behavioral health and animal health professionals.

Volunteer Resources

Local Public Health and Medical Reserve Corps and WI-1 DMAT Local Administrators: Training Session is an archived session recorded on September 18, 2013. It contains information about WEAVR system changes in place since June 2013.

Self-Care Pocket Reference Guide for Emergency Response Deployment (PDF, 254 KB) - A guide for volunteer responders that includes pre and post deployment checklists and self-reflection activities. This resource was originally created for the University of Minnesota and the Minnesota Department of Health, and reprinted with their permission.

For more information on the National Medical Reserve Corps, visit the Division of the Civilian Volunteer Medical Reserve Corps

Wisconsin Statute Chapter 257 provides liability and worker’s compensation for specified licensed health professionals deployed as volunteers during a declared emergency.  To be considered for this coverage, you must join WEAVR.

Last Revised: April 10, 2017