PHC: Charter

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Note: This document reflects the initial language and the charter membership of the Public Health Council, which approved the document in June 2005.

Purpose, Scope and Timing

The charge to the Public Health Council is to advise the Department of Health Services (DHS), the governor, the legislature and the public on progress in implementing DHS' 10-year public health plan and coordination of responses to public health emergencies. The law requires that the Council include representatives of health care consumers, health care providers, health professions educators, local health departments and boards, public safety agencies, and the Public Health Advisory Committee established by the Secretary of DHS.

The Council intends to be an action-oriented group that makes recommendations and decisions focusing on strategy and policy recommendations rather than tactics.

Vision of the Council

Wisconsin will become the healthiest state.

Mission of the Council

Assure safe and healthy people through evidence-based and cost-effective practice and policy recommendations.

Strategies the Council will Employ

  1. Study what exists now in terms of evidence-based public health and emergency preparedness practices and policies.
  2. Catalyze new efforts to develop evidence/science-based practices and policies.
  3. Develop and advocate for evidence-based practice and policy recommendations.
  4. Promote sustainability of evidence-based practices and policies.
  5. Prioritize 2010 objectives for the Council's review and decision making.
  6. Communicate the Council's progress to all stakeholders in an open and effective manner.
  7. Recommend actions and policies to address public health problems.

Membership and Staffing Responsibilities

The Council was created in 2004 with members appointed by Governor Jim Doyle. New members can be appointed by the current governor See the members page for a complete list of current members.

The Office of Policy and Practice Alignment provides staff support to the Council.


The Council can create as disband committees as needed. Current committees include the Executive Committee, State Health Plan Committee, Policy Committee, and Emergency Preparedness and Response Committee.

Priorities and Work Plan

  1. Prepare semi-annual reports to the Governor to be prepared for April and October of every year.
  2. Identify priorities for the committees for the year.
  3. Respond to emerging issues, as they become apparent.

Meeting Schedule:

Business will be conducted in meetings, conference calls and using email.

All Council meetings are open to the public under Wisconsin's Open Meetings Law

The Council will encourage public input by opening each meeting with a fifteen-minute open session for public comment.

Meetings are held quarterly with committee meetings scheduled as needed. 

The Executive Committee develops the agendas and schedule with intake from the Council.

Location: Meetings will be held in Madison and other locations throughout the state to meet the needs of Council members and the citizens of Wisconsin.

The Department staff will provide virtual meetings using conference calls to facilitate member participation and public access. The information for virtual meetings can be found in the meeting agendas.


The Chair, Vice-Chair, and Secretary will be elected by Council members at the first meeting of each calendar year.

Rules of Order and Procedure

The Rules of Order and Procedure were most recently revised in 2015 and can be viewed here

Last Revised: June 24, 2022

This content reflects the views and opinions of the advisory council. It may not reflect the official policy or position of DHS.