PHC: Meetings

Meeting details

As of 2023, the Public Health Council meets six times annually, on the first Friday of all even-numbered months from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Committee meetings are scheduled as needed. All Council meetings are open to the public under Wisconsin's Open Meetings Law. The Council opens each meeting with a session for public comment.

In 2024, those dates are:

  • February 2
  • April 5 (in person)
  • June 7
  • August 2
  • October 4
  • December 6

Location: Meetings will be held primarily virtually using Zoom video calling. In person meetings may be scheduled in Madison or at other locations throughout the state to meet the needs of Council members and the citizens of Wisconsin.

The Department staff will provide support for virtual meetings using conference calls or Zoom video calls to facilitate member participation and public access. The information for virtual meetings can be found in the meeting agendas.

Disclaimer about advisory council content

This content reflects the views and opinions of the advisory council. It may not reflect the official policy or position of DHS.


Last revised May 16, 2024