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Radon measurement and mitigation trainings are held in Wisconsin twice per year. To be listed here, contact Wisconsin's Radon Grant Manager, Jessica Maloney, at 608-267-7199 once you obtain certification.

Consumers and Contractors Note: 

There are no state regulations specifically for radon businesses in Wisconsin. To be listed by these organizations, an individual must pass a national exam, meet continuing education requirements, maintain a quality-assurance program, and follow appropriate testing protocols. The list below is combined from two national certifying organizations: American Association of Radon Scientists and Technologists (AARST), and National Radon Safety Board – Radon Proficiency Program.  Their websites carry the most up-to-date information.

Wisconsin-based lab that will provide test kits by mail or phone.

State Lab of Hygiene
2601 Agriculture Dr  



608-224-6267 (fax)

Contractors in Wisconsin with Radon Measurement Certification

Sorted by County*: Each contractor serves surrounding counties.





Daniel Wiggins, Jr.
NRPP:  106655RT
Expiration:  7/31/2016
Bad River Band of Lake Superior Tribe of Chippewa Indians Ashland 715-682-7123
Jason Trimberger
NRPP : 101878
Expiration:  4/30/2017

Great Lakes Radon Testing and Mitigation LLC

Brown 920-660-6324

Brian Behling
NRPP:  RT-107512
Expiration:  5/31/2018

Thompson Homes Inc. Brown 920-592-1112
Adam Olinski
NRPP: RT-104254
Expiration: 01/31/2018
A-1 Radon & Vacuum Brown 920-639-6542
Jacob Cisewski
NRPP: 108101RT
Expiration: 06/30/2017
JC Radon Services, LLC Buffalo 507-458-2730
Curt Boos
NRPP: 107477RT
Expiration: 3/31/2018
Bohl & Proulx Plumbing, Inc Chippewa


 Jeffrey Hartman
NRPP:  104925RT
Expiration: 04/30/2018
Wisconsin Radon Measurement and Mitigation Chippewa 715-559-0684
Carl J. Francis
NRPP:  103659RT
Expiration: 2/28/2018
 Radon Measurement and Mitigation Columbia


Mark Gilbertson
NRPP: RT-108412
Expiration:  01/31/2018
Truer Inspections Columbia 608-212-4395
Lance N. Rule
NRPP:  RT-108622
Expiration:  04/30/2018
Radon Solutions of Wisconsin, LLC. Dane 608-279-7853
Daniel Skelton
NRPP:  105211RT
Expiration: 2/28/2017
   Radon, Inc Dane 608-467-0257
Michael Gallagher
NRPP:   106250RT
Expiration: 5/31/2017
M.P.G. Builders Dane 608-516-5541
Corey Benson
NRPP:  107748RT
Expiration:  09/30/2016
Zander Solutions Dane 608-833-6620
FAX 608-833-6679
Kyle Beckstrom
NRPP:  107087RT
Expiration:  05/31/2017
Madison Home Inspection, LLC.  Dane 608-395-9689
Lindsay Mefford
NRPP:  RT 108534
Expiration: 03/31/2018
Madison Radon Testing, LLC Dane 608-438-7831
Dan Shapleigh
NRPP:  RT-108699
Expiration:  06/30/2018
Sierra Concepts, LLC Dane 608-849-1166
Leonard J. Wilkosz
NRSB: 16SS060
Expiration: 07/30/2018
Wolf Home Inspection, LLC Dane 608-234-0455
Robert Lietha
NRSB:  RT-108457
Expiration:  2/28/2018
Inspector Rob Agency, LLC Douglas 218-393-6482
Michael Langer
NRPP:  105759RMT
Expiration:  5/31/2018
Langer Construction Dunn 651-261-1830

Frank Manas
NRPP:  RT-108227
Expiration:  08/31/2017

The BrickKicker Eau Claire 715-450-0133
Steve Polzin
NRPP:  106270RMT
Expiration:  6/30/2017
Classic Radon Services Eau Claire 715-559-0398
Greg Welke
NRPP: 105925RMT
Expiration:  7/31/2016
Hovland's, Inc Eau Claire


Damian Treiber
NRPP:  100336RMT
Expiration:  2/28/2018
Radon Contractors, Testing, and Mitigation Florence


Jerome O'Callaghan
NRPP:   RT-105888
Expiration:  6/30/2018
 Wisconsin Radon and Environmental, LLC
Fond du Lac
Ron Cutter
NRPP:  106065RMT
Expiration:  03/31/2017
 Cutter Vac, LLC Fond du Lac 920-922-3360
Brett Patterson
NRPP:  104740 RT
Expiration:  04/30/2017
Patterson Comfort and Safety Grant 563-585-1232
Peter Prien
NRPP:  RT-108466
Expiration:  2/28/2018
Southern Wisconsin Advanced Radon Mitigation Green 608-558-3707
Edward M. Vacha
NRPP:  RT-108624
Expiration: 04/30/2018
Radon Solutions of Wisconsin, LLC. Iowa 608-235-3886
Tim Fredrick
NRPP:   102800RT
Expiration:  7/31/2017
 Town and Country Inspection, LLC  Jefferson 920-261-8566
Jason Schneider
NRPP:  RT-107845
Expiration:  12/31/2016
Environmental Management Consulting, Inc. Jefferson 920-648-6343
Karla Newman
NRPP:   103009RT
Expiration: 8/31/2016
 Radon Remedy - Testing Division Kenosha 262-577-5515
Thomas G. Kruse
NRPP: 103142RT
Expiration : 4/30/2017
 Professional Home Inspection La Crosse 608-782-8831
Lucas Erickson
NRPP:  RT-108150
Expiration:  07/31/2017
Erickson Radon Solutions Lafayette 608-558-6155
Jerald O. Weyer
NRSB: G301
Expiration: 12/30/2017
Radon Reduction Specialists Manitowoc 920-758-2611
Benjamin Stromberg
NRPP:  107538RT
Expiration:  4/30/2018
 Abatron Engineering Marathon 715-675-7277
Alan J. Ringmeier
NRSB: 16SS015
Townline Home Inspection Marquette 920-299-1619
Keith Fisher
NRPP:  107047RT
Expiration:  5/31/2017
 First Look Home Inspection Milwaukee 262-363-0993
Scot McLean
NRPP:  103800RT
Expiration:  03/31/2017
 Towne and Country Building Inspection Milwaukee 414-228-6573
James G. Clark
NRPP:  106316RT
Expiration:  07/31/2017

 Milwaukee Radon
Milwaukee 414-418-2675
Tom Heine
NRPP:  101878RT
Expiration:  01/31/2017
  Radon Abatement Milwaukee 414-546-3691
Christina Rhodes
NRPP: 105515RT
Expiration:  09/30/2017
Right Angle Home Inspections Milwaukee 414-721-8764

Chase Nicholson
NRPP:  104943RT
Expiration:  10/31/2017

Pierce Nicholson
NRPP ID:  108069RT
Expiration:  5/31/2017

Radon Measurement and Elimination Services Milwaukee



Jerome O'Callaghan
NRPP:  105888RT
Expiration:  6/30/2018
Wisconsin Radon and Environmental, LLC Milwaukee 414-477-6026
Richard Marti
NRPP:  RT-108408
Expiration:  01/31/2018
Marti Construction LLC Monroe 608-558-8919
Kenneth Klimek
NRPP:  106390RT
Expiration:  8/31/2017
  Lindquist Plumbing Oconto 920-826-6344
Eric John Lehner
NRPP:  106392RT
Expiration:  8/31/2017
 Stonehenge Development, Inc. Ozaukee 414-659-0928
Robert Peterson
NRPP:  RMT-103965
Expiration:  08/31/2016
Rock Road Plumbing, Inc. Outagamie 920-733-5256
Ernest Eckendorf
NRPP:   102711RT
Expiration:  4/30/2017
Safe and Secure Inspections   Portage 715-498-8957
FAX 715-341-9051
William Seitz
NRPP:  105349RT
Expiration:  6/30/2017
  All in One Portage 715-781-0937
Anthony Walter
NRPP: 108379RT
Expiration: 12/31/2017
All Electric, LLC Portage 715-897-2693
Donn Anderson
NRPP: 105891RT
Expiration:  5/31/2018

Anderson Home Inspection LLC
 Racine 262-534-5075
James Oezer
NRPP:  RT-108243
Expiration: 09/30/2017
National Property Inspections Racine 262-636-9909
Scott Cleven
NRPP:  RT-108085
Expiration:  05/31/2017
Timber Ridge Home Inspections, LLC. Racine 262-770-8264
Daniel Alvey
NRPP:  RT-108390
Expiration:  01/31/2018
RaDan Remediation Racine 414-416-5654
Jeff Karich
NRPP:  RMT-106046
Expiration: 05/31/2016
Superior Radon Mitigation, LLC Rock 800-631-1403
John Thompson
NRPP:  RMT-103633
Expiration:  10/31/2017
A.T. Pro Mitigation Systems Rock 608-758-0291
James Seichter
NRPP: RT-108578
Expiration: 4/30/2018
24x7 Home Inspections Rock 608-302-5494
Jeff Scott
NRPP: 107974RT
Expiration:  3/31/2017  

Wisconsin Inspection Services & Consulting, LLC



Travis Luedke
NRPP: RT-108670
Expiration: 5/31/2018
Odd Jobs Plumbing Sheboygan 262-689-9290
Aaron Reindeau
NRPP: 107675RT
Expiration:  7/31/2016
 St. Croix Energy Solutions, Inc. St. Croix 844-446-6379
Mike Boumeester
NRPP:  108386RT
Expiration: 12/31/2017
Radon Associates, LLC St. Croix 651-442-3667
Justin Everts
NRPP: RT-108328
Expiration:  12/31/2017
Everts Construction, LLC St. Croix 651-248-5427
Michael Gelein
NRPP:  RT-108019
Expiration:  04/30/2017
MMG Radon Testing & Mitigation St. Croix 651-271-2136
Daniel Korum
NRPP:  RMT-103532
Expiration: 10/31/2017
Northland Radon Service St. Croix 715-760-1610
Patrick Simones
NRPP: RT-108239
Expiration:  09/30/2017
Midwest Radon Solutions St. Croix 651-206-1551
William Pabich
NRPP:  RMT-108202
Expiration:  08/31/2017
Pabich Radon Mitigation, LLC Trempealeau 715-828-9174
 David Cook
NRPP:  107864RT
Expiration:  1/31/2017
DC Mitigation LLC Walworth 262-749-4266
Gary Lusz
NRPP:  RMT-105001
Expiration:  10/31/2016
Best Radon Solutions, LLC Walworth 262-745-4764
Christopher Strube
NRPP:  RMT-106577
Expiration:  05/31/2016
Radon Remediation Specialists Walworth 262-684-4400
Robert Layman, Jr.
NRPP:  RMT-107115
Expiration:  06/30/2017
M2 Certified Radon Services    Washington 262-224-3992
John Gitter
NRPP:  RT-105358
Expiration:  4/30/2018
Radon Doctors LLC Washington 262-388-3804
Dawn Cull
NRPP:  107397RT
Expiration:  1/31/2018

 Patriot Plumbing, Inc.
Waukesha 262-966-2284
Earl Cull
NRPP:  107112RT
Expiration:  7/31/2017
Patriot Plumbing, Inc. Waukesha 262-370-3711
Jennifer Campbell
NRPP:  106368RT
Expiration:  7/31/2017
Lifetime Radon Solutions, Inc. Waukesha 262-347-6067
Scott Campbell
NRPP:  RMT-101552
Expiration:  08/31/2017
Lifetime Radon Solutions, Inc. Waukesha 888-298-2078
Grant Hagen
NRPP:  RT-108707
Expiration 06/30/2018
Carpenter Road Waukesha 262-853-0171
Paul Nicholson
NRPP:  102417RT
Expiration:  10/31/2017
Radon Measurement and Elimination Services Waukesha 262-797-8949
Marcey Vescio
NRPP:  103561RT
Expiration:  8/31/2017
Advanced Radon Management Waukesha 262-691-2003
Vaughn Vescio
NRPP:  105153RT
Expiration:  3/31/2017
Advanced Radon Management Waukesha 262-370-8165
Jeffrey Voisin
NRPP:   103334RT
Expiration:  1/31/2017
Home Inspections Plus Waukesha 414-418-7587
Timothy Kebbekus
NRPP:  105521RT
Expiration:  11/30/2017
Kebbekus Radon Testing Waukesha 414-759-3233
Ryan Beeck
NRPP:  106782RT
Expiration:  4/30/2017
Beeck Home Inspections, LLC Waukesha 414-235-4633
Keith Toll
NRPP: 103621RT
Expiration:  4/30/2017
Radon Problem Solvers Waukesha 262-370-5894
Nancy Schatzman
NRSB:  SS641
Expiration:  10/30/2016
American Radon Testing Co. Waukesha 262-522-0868
Ricky Weber
NRPP:  RMT-104185
Expiration:  03/31/2017
Radon Rescuers, LLC Waukesha 262-470-5332
Gregg Zetzman
NRSB:  2SS0055
Expiration:  10/30/2016
Radon Mitigators Waukesha 262-538-9966

Dyan Zidlicky
NRPP:  RT-108461
Expiration:  2/28/2018

Ezra Prett
NRPP:  RT-108463
Expiration: 2/28/2018

Aqua Well and Pump Systems Inc. Waukesha 262-662-5636
Robert Baumgart
NRPP:  107653RT
Expiration:  6/30/2018
Baumgart Home Inspection Service, LLC Waupaca 920-867-4222
Steven S. Clare
NRSB: 15ST014
Expiration: 9/30/2016
Clare Home Inspection Winnebago 920-378-2910
Scott Fischer
NRPP:  108134RT
Expiration:  6/30/2017
American Radon Reduction, LLC Winnebago 920-203-6644

David Daniels
NRPP:  101791RT
Expiration:  9/30/2016


Pat Lewis
NRPP:  103735RT
Expiration: 08/31/2016

Radon Specialists of Wisconsin, Inc. Winnebago


920-858-1130 FAX

Dan Kutchin
NRPP:  106666RT
Expiration:  8/31/2016
HomeEx Residential Services, LLC Winnebago 920-372-3700
William O'Callaghan
NRPP:  105890RT
Expiration:  6/30/2016
Total Home Inspection, LLC Winnebago 920-379-0372
Kimberly J. Grover
NRPP:  RT-108615
Expiration:  04/30/2018
Tri-City Refrigeration, Heating, & Cooling Wood 715-423-5840
Being listed on this page does not constitute endorsement by the State of Wisconsin or the Department of Health Services. The lists are provided as an additional resource for interested individuals.

Contractors Outside Wisconsin

American Association of Radon Scientists and Technologists (AARST)
Current lists of certified radon measurers, mitigators, manufacturers and labs selling radon detectors.

National Radon Safety Board (NRSB)
The radon proficiency certification programs of the National Radon Safety Board. Lists of certified radon measurers, mitigators, manufacturers and laboratories selling radon detectors.


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