Assisted Living Resources

Listed below are resources assisted living facilities may find helpful.

Division of Quality
Assurance Resources

State of Assisted Living, P-01726

Bureau of Assisted Living Strategies to Support Regulatory Compliance by provider type and year:

      Adult Family Homes (AFH)

      Community-Based Residential Facilities (CBRF)

     Residential Care Adult Complexes (RCAC)

2013, P-00880 (PDF)    2012, P-00509 (PDF)    2011, P-00428 (PDF)

2013, P-00880 (PDF)    2012, P-00508 (PDF)    2011, P-00429 (PDF)

2013, P-00880 (PDF)    2012, P-00510 (PDF)    2011, P-00430 (PDF)

Assisted Living Facility Trends and Statistics

Useful Assisted Living Internet Sites

Useful Sites Referencing Standards of Practice

Assisted Living Directories

Caregiver Program (Background Checks and Reporting):

CBRF and Hospice Interface, P-00314 (PDF)

Death Reporting (Notice of Removal) - Reporting of Client/Patient Death Attributable to Suicide, Restraint, or Psychotropic Medication

Injury/Falls Prevention

Licensing, Certification and Registration - Information for management and owners of facilities - select the appropriate provider type

Medication Management Initiative

RCAC and Hospice Interface, P-00315 (PDF)

Department of Health
Services Resources


Last Revised: March 19, 2019