Nursing Home Grant Program – Guidelines and Application Information

General Guidelines

  • Proposals are accepted during the following time periods: January 1 thru April 30 and July 1 thru October 31. Form F-00176 includes information regarding the review process.
  • Quality Assurance and Improvement Committee reviews Project proposals during meetings in May/June and November/December.
  • Submit the completed Civil Money Penalty Funds Project Proposal application form F-00176 electronically to In the subject line enter, Attn: Quality Assurance and Improvement Committee.


  • Must be an organization involved in the promotion of quality of care with licensed Wisconsin nursing homes. Civil money penalty funds cannot be used to support initiatives in other health care settings.


  • Must allow for statewide replication of current and sound evidence-based practices that promote quality of care and quality of life of residents in Wisconsin nursing homes.

Project Proposal Categories

Recommended project proposals include, but are not limited to, the categories below:

  1. Dementia care
  2. Reduction of antipsychotic medication
  3. Improving quality of life
  4. Quality Assurance/Performance Improvement Initiatives
  5. Virtual Dementia Program
  6. Improving communication with physicians; training for nurses regarding when they need to contact physicians
  7. Fall prevention
  8. Meaningful activity programs
  9. Nursing home staff training to increase proficiency and awareness of resident needs
  10. Research proposals designed to provide better outcomes for residents and benefit their health, safety and well-being

Additional Information

Last Revised: April 3, 2017