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Vital Statistics

This page provides access to statistical information based on vital records (records of birth, death, marriage, divorce, and domestic partnership), as well as statistics on induced abortions.  Statistics derived from vital records provide basic information about such topics as infant health, causes of death, and rates of marriage and divorce.

From this page, you can find tables, reports and other publications that summarize information about births and infant deaths, deaths (all ages), marriages, divorces, and domestic partnerships. Life expectancy tables show current life expectancies in Wisconsin at various ages, based on age-specific death rates in the population.  A link is also provided to a page that tells you how to order a copy of a particular record of birth, death, marriage, divorce, or domestic partnership.

Births and Infant Deaths


Domestic Partnerships

Life Expectancy

Marriages and Divorces

Reported Induced Abortions

Copies of Vital Records

Last revised March 22, 2016