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Commercial Tobacco Prevention and Treatment Program: Additional Resources

Tobacco Program image of three adults looking at a laptop computer


The Commercial Tobacco Prevention and Treatment Program publishes fact sheets to summarize key data points about the prevalence of commercial tobacco and nicotine product use in Wisconsin.

Fact sheets


Youth resources

Clean Indoor Air Act

Americans for Nonsmokers' Rights

Federal resources

Related partners and programs

 Get free help to quit commercial tobacco and nicotine

Wisconsin Tobacco Quit Line

Customized plans and coaching
Ages 13+
 Text "READY" to 34191
 Wisconsin Tobacco Quit Line website

Live Vape Free

Text support to quit e-cigarettes
Ages 13-26
 Text "VAPEFREE" to 873373
  Live Vape Free website

American Indian Quit Line

Culturally tailored coaching
Ages 18+
 American Indian Quit Line Website

First Breath

Support during and after pregnancy
Ages 18+

 First Breath Website

The word "tobacco" on this page refers to commercial tobacco, not traditional Native American tobacco

Traditional tobacco: a sacred medicine for healing; offerings to the Creator; and spiritual gifts to express gratitude, show respect, and ask for prayers or advice. Commercial tobacco ("tobacco"): a corruption of traditional tobacco into dangerous recreational commodities like cigarettes, vapes, and chewing tobacco.

Last revised May 29, 2024