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Asbestos Project Notification

Online (recommended)

Notify online when:

  • Paying by Visa or MasterCard (credit or debit) or an e-check, or
  • Your project starts in less than four business days.

Notify online

U.S. mail or delivery service

Use Asbestos Project Notification Form F-00041 (Word) when:

  • Paying by paper check or money order, and
  • Your project starts more than four business days from today.

Send the form and fee via U.S. mail* to:

State of Wisconsin
PO Box 93419
Milwaukee, WI 53293-3419

To send the form and fee using a delivery service, address to:

US Bank
777 E Wisconsin Ave.
Attn: Lockbox 93419-WI DHS Lead
Milwaukee, WI 53293-3419

Fax revisions to 608-266-9711 or email to the Asbestos Program at

  Do you know who to notify?

Some asbestos projects must be notified to the Department of Natural Resources (DNR). Try this tool, P-02547, for help determining whether to notify DHS or DNR (PDF) You can also visit DNR's website for more info.

Questions? Email Mike Charlton at for the Department of Health Services (DHS), or call 608-220-5491.

For DNR, email Liesl Stewart at or call 608-266-7679.

Last revised April 8, 2024