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Certified Asbestos Companies

An asbestos company certification is for a person or group that performs, directs, or advertises asbestos work (or plans to). This includes asbestos removal, abatement, or disturbance. It also includes air sampling, inspection and bulk sampling, and asbestos management.

There is a separate certification for an exterior asbestos company. This certification is for companies that only work outside of buildings or structures on materials with asbestos that don’t crumble (non-friable) and stay that way during the project.

Before you hire a company, check to make sure they are certified in Wisconsin using our asbestos directory. (Excel) The directory is updated monthly.

Companies must use people with the right kind of training and Wisconsin-certification for the job.

  • Removal, abatement, or disturbance – interior or exterior, friable or non-friable

People doing this work must have abatement worker or supervisor certification. There must be at least one abatement supervisor on site overseeing the project.

  • Removal, abatement or disturbance – exterior only, non-friable only

People doing this work must have exterior worker or exterior supervisor certification. There must be at least one exterior supervisor overseeing the project.

  • Inspection, bulk sampling, and asbestos management

People doing asbestos inspection and sampling work must have asbestos inspector certification. Note: Exterior asbestos supervisors may sample non-friable materials on the exterior of buildings.

Only certified asbestos management planners may create asbestos management plans. Only certified asbestos project designers may write plans for and design asbestos projects.

  • Air sampling

A person who samples air for asbestos must have asbestos supervisor certification.

The Department of Health Services (DHS) does not endorse the companies on the directory. When hiring a company, we recommend that you:

  • Get price quotes from more than one company.
  • Call a company’s references and ask about their experience.
  • Don’t pay up front without a written contract with a project deadline.
  • Make sure the company and its workers have the right certifications.
Last revised March 5, 2023