Find a Certified Asbestos Company

Certified Company Directories

These directories list certified companies that offer regulated asbestos services in Wisconsin. They are updated monthly. Some companies have requested not to be listed. The Wisconsin Department of Health Services does not endorse the companies on these lists. We advise consumers to request bids from multiple companies whenever possible, check the certification status of the company and its employees or sub-contractors, conduct reference checks, and require a written contract for services before engaging any company.

Asbestos Inspection/Consulting Companies (PDF)

Asbestos Abatement Companies (PDF)

Exterior Asbestos Companies (PDF)

How to Navigate the Directories

The directories list companies alphabetically by city, where the company's office is located. Qualifying out-of-state companies are also listed. Many companies offer services statewide. If you do not find a company listed for your city, check neighboring cities, and then continue moving out from your city until you find a company.

To find companies in a given city, choose the icon in the Adobe toolbar that looks like a pair of binoculars. A box will open. Go to "Find What" and enter the city or company name you want to find, then choose the "Find" button. (For example, to find companies located in Green Bay, enter the word "Green.") Your cursor will move to the first place your word appears in the document. To find other places where the word appears, choose the icon in the Adobe toolbar that looks like a pair of binoculars with a circular arrow.

Last Revised: June 28, 2021