Contact the Lead and Asbestos Certification Program

Our office is closed to walk-in service. We are available to help by emailing or calling 608-261-6876.


Are you a contractor with questions about your project or forms? Health department official with questions or concerns about a project you are monitoring? Someone who wants to report possible unsafe work with lead or asbestos? DHS lead and asbestos inspectors are here to help! Find an inspector in your area. (PDF)

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Documents with personally identifiable information like social security numbers (SSN) or dates of birth (DOB) should be faxed to 608-266-9711, or sent via postal mail to:

Lead and Asbestos Section
1 W Wilson St., Room 137
Madison, WI 53703-3445

Do not email documents with SSNs or DOBs. Other documents can be emailed to the Lead and Asbestos Section.

Name Title Phone Number

Lead and Asbestos Certification Program Staff

Mari Fleet White Licensing Associate 608-261-4945
Jessica Fournier Environmental Health Specialist (Inspector) 608-220-5491
Miriam (Mimi) Hasan Unit Supervisor 608-261-4949
Benjamin James Environmental Health Specialist (Inspector) 608-333-7957
Jessica Lawent Environmental Health Specialist (Inspector and Training Auditor) 608-445-4834
Christine Lilek Environmental Health Specialist (Training Officer) 608-267-3862
Christine Pedretti Program Coordinator 608-267-9473
David Schmitt Environmental Health Specialist (Inspector) 715-836-6688
Vicki Stekly Licensing Associate 608-266-0554
Last Revised: October 5, 2020