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BadgerCare Plus: Prenatal Plan

Upcoming changes to the NEMT manager

In August of 2022, Veyo, the current manager for non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) in Wisconsin, was purchased by Medical Transportation Management (MTM), Inc.

Veyo has started their transition to MTM in Wisconsin. The Wisconsin NEMT program has begun using MTM Link, the MTM ride scheduling and mileage reimbursement system. There are no changes to NEMT covered services.

For information about the transition, visit the Medicaid NEMT Manager webpage or the Veyo Wisconsin website.

If you need help with your trip during the transition, call 866-907-1493 and select the Where's My Ride option.

The BadgerCare Plus Prenatal Plan provides health care for pregnant people who qualify. You may qualify based on immigration status. You may also qualify if you’re in prison or jail.

Apply for benefits now

View our fact sheet—BadgerCare Plus Prenatal Plan, P-10026.

What services does the plan cover?

The BadgerCare Plus Prenatal Plan covers services like:

  • Doctor and clinic visits
  • Labor and delivery
  • Prenatal care
  • Prescription drugs (including prenatal vitamins)

After you have your baby, you may be able to get BadgerCare Plus Emergency Services. Talk with your doctor or call ForwardHealth Member Services at 800-362-3002. They can tell you what may be covered after your baby is born.

Who can apply?

To get the BadgerCare Plus Prenatal Plan, you must:

  • Live in Wisconsin
  • Not have health insurance.
  • Have family income at or below the monthly limit based on your family size. Include your unborn baby or babies in your family size.

Income limits

Use the table below to find your family size and income limit. For example: If you are pregnant and have one child (age 2), your family size is three. That means your income each month must be lower than $6,584.11 to get the BadgerCare Plus Prenatal Plan.

What is your family size?What is your income* each month?
Each additional personAdd $1,371.89

*Income limits are based on federal guidelines. They may change each year.

Note: If you don’t qualify for the BadgerCare Plus Prenatal Plan, you may be able to apply for BadgerCare Plus Emergency Services. This program is for people whose immigration status stopped them from getting BadgerCare Plus. In this case, BadgerCare Plus Emergency Services would only cover labor and delivery costs.

How do I apply?

Apply for BadgerCare Plus Prenatal Plan online, by phone, in person at your agency, or by mail.

Do I need to provide a Social Security number or immigration status?

You do not need to provide a Social Security number to get the BadgerCare Plus Prenatal Plan. We will never share your information with U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services.

What are my rights?

You have the right to a fair hearing. If you disagree with a decision made about benefits, you can share why. A hearing officer will listen to you and your agency to find out if the decision was right or wrong. You don’t have to go alone. You can bring a friend, family member, or attorney to the hearing.

To ask for a hearing, send a letter or use the Request for Fair Hearing form. Fax your letter or the form to 608-264-9885. You can mail your letter or form to:

Division of Hearings and Appeals
PO Box 7875
Madison, WI 53707-7875

You also can get free legal help. To learn more, call Legal Action of Wisconsin at 888-278-0633 or Wisconsin Judicare Inc. at 800-472-1638.

Who can I contact for help?

Questions about the BadgerCare Plus Prenatal Plan? Contact your agency.

Last revised January 31, 2024