Elder Benefit Specialists

What is an elder benefit specialist?

Elder benefit specialists (EBS) help answer questions and solve problems related to Social Security, Medicare, health insurance and other public and private benefits for older adults. They serve people ages 60 and over. Services are free of charge. Similar services are available to younger adults with disabilities through a disability benefit specialist.

EBS program brochures, P-20611B are available in multiple languages.

Program statistics are available for 2011 through 2013:

Where can I find an elder benefit specialist?

Elder benefit specialists are employed by aging offices and aging and disability resource centers (ADRC) in every county in Wisconsin. Find a benefit specialist in your county of residence.

Tribal elders may choose to work with a tribal benefit specialist.

If you are deaf, hard of hearing or Deaf-Blind, use American Sign Language and need help with your benefits, you may choose to contact the deaf disability benefit specialist at the Office for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing.

Last Revised: April 21, 2020