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Birth to 3 Program: Contact Us

Each Wisconsin county provides Birth to 3 Program services to eligible children and their families.

You can find information about contacting the primary point of referral, the program coordinator, or the administrative contact on this page.

In charge of all referrals into the program. Contact them for help with:

  • The intake process.
  • Understanding what the Birth to 3 Program is.

In charge of the program coordination and operation. Contact them about:

  • How the Birth to 3 Program works in your area.
  • Child find and public awareness activities.
  • Agreements between agencies.
  • Questions or concerns.

In charge of the overall management of the county Birth to 3 Program. Contact them for information about:

  • Fiscal issues.
  • Contract issues.
  • Questions or concerns.

Choose your county from the drop-down box below, then click "Find."

If you do not know what county your city is in, please see this list of Wisconsin cities, villages, and towns by county (Excel).


Last revised May 20, 2024