Birth to 3 Program: Contact Us

In Wisconsin, each county is responsible for providing Birth to 3 services to eligible children and their families. There are three type of contacts:

Primary Point of Referral: Responsible for all referrals into the county program and would be contacted about the intake process and the services available through the county Birth to 3 Program.

Program Coordinator: Responsible for program development and would be contacted about programmatic issues including local planning, child find, and public awareness activities, interagency agreements, and services offered by the county.

Administrative Contact: Responsible for the overall management and administration of the county Birth to 3 Program and would be contacted about fiscal and contract issues.

Use the drop down box below to view the county Birth to 3 contacts including Primary Point of Referral, Program Coordinator, and Administrative Contact.

If  you do not know what county a Wisconsin municipality is located in, please see this list of Wisconsin municipalities (PDF).

State Birth to 3 Contacts: The Wisconsin Birth to 3 Program is administered through the Department of Health Services (DHS). The 72 counties are divided among four regions, P00996 (PDF). Each region has a designated children and family program specialist responsible for the oversight and supervision of their specific region.

Please see the Outreach at a Glance for Counties (PDF) guide for information on scheduled contacts between local programs and DHS.

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Last Revised: March 31, 2021