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Birth to 3 Program: Information for Counties

COVID-19 Updates

We are committed to protecting the health and safety of our members and participants during the COVID-19 pandemic. To stay informed about the latest program updates, limitations to in-person contacts, general COVID-19 resources, and more:


In Wisconsin, each county runs the Birth to 3 Program in their area. Counties must meet requirements included in the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act. It is a federal law. It governs how states and public agencies provide services to children with disabilities. This includes requirements about:

  • Finding families who may qualify
  • Evaluation and eligibility
  • Related services

The Wisconsin administrative code DHS 90 are rules that state how the federal requirements must be followed in Wisconsin.

The following pages provide guidance and resources for counties serving children in the Birth to 3 Program and their families.

Do you need information about ways DHS shares information with county programs? Please see the Outreach at a Glance for Counties, P-02704 (PDF), guide.

Last revised July 15, 2022