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Birth to 3 Program: Mediation

Do you have a disagreement or issue with the Birth to 3 Program? You might need help to solve the problem. Our mediation system can help.

Mediation helps when caregivers and the county agency don’t agree on the services your child should get. You can decide if you want to use mediation or not. It is one way to solve an issue and protect your child’s interests too. Mediation can help find an answer that works for everyone.

Mediation is paid for by state and federal funds.

You might choose mediation if you don’t agree with:

  • Decisions about your child’s eligibility.
  • The evaluation process.
  • The services being offered.

Mediation can be asked for by:

  • A caregiver
  • A county agency
  • Both

The Birth to 3 Program mediation system is provided by Pionek Valle Law Group, LLC. They are a neutral provider of the intake, screening, and mediation referral process. For mediation services, please contact the intake coordinator, Gia Pionek, at 888-298-3857 or email

Get more information. Read and print a copy of the Mediation System brochure, P-23117.

Last revised July 15, 2022