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WisCaregiver Careers offers nurse aide training at no cost to the student through participating approved nurse aide training programs. Testing fees for the state competency exam will be covered for all students who successfully complete training and program requirements through these programs.

After successfully completing the free training and testing, apply for a job with a WisCaregiver Careers participating nursing home and receive a $500 retention bonus paid by the nursing home after six months of employment with that nursing home.

View the WisCaregiver Careers overview page for background information about the program.

Enrolling in WisCaregiver Careers is easy:

Step 1: View WisCaregiver Careers requirements on this page.

Step 2: View WisCaregiver Careers participating nurse aide training programs.

Step 3: View WisCaregiver Careers participating nursing homes offering a $500 retention bonus.

Step 4: Enroll in the WisCaregiver Careers.

  • You will receive a student ID number to use to sign up for a WisCaregiver training program.
  • Approximately, five days after you enroll in the program, you will receive an email with the results of your caregiver background check.
  • After you receive those results, go to WisCaregiver Careers Step 5.

Individuals under the age of 18 may enroll in the WisCaregiver Careers using a separate enrollment process.

Step 5: After receiving your student ID number and the results of your caregiver background check, contact your chosen training program to get started.

Program Requirements

To comply with WisCaregiver Careers requirements, the participant must:

  • Complete free training in a participating WisCaregiver Careers Nurse Aide Training Program.
  • Successfully complete free nurse aide competency testing and be placed on the Wisconsin Nurse Aide Registry.
  • Work at a participating WisCaregiver Careers nursing home for six continuous months.

If the participant does not successfully complete the training and testing, and does not work at a participating Wisconsin nursing home for six months, the participant will be asked to pay back WisCaregiver Careers for the cost of training and testing.

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Last Revised: March 20, 2018