Feeding Assistant - Training Program Approval Process

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Long Term Care facilities wishing to operate a feeding assistant training program must submit a completed Wisconsin Feeding Assistant Training Program Application form F-62588 (PDF, 112 KB) or F-62588 (Word, 344 KB) along with:

  • their proposed selected resident population curriculum
  • their proposed feeding assistant instructor information
  • their proposed feeding assistant trainer information

to the Office of Caregiver Quality, Division of Quality Assurance (DQA).

The Office of Caregiver Quality (OCQ) will review the application and supporting materials and will determine whether to approve or deny the feeding assistant training program.

OCQ will issue a written notice regarding DQA's decision, with a copy to the appropriate Regional Field Operations Director (RFOD), within 45 calendar days of receiving a complete application.

Upon program approval, the feeding assistant training program will be issued, at no cost:

  • a Wisconsin Caregiver Program video cassette
  • standardized competency evaluation materials
  • feeding assistant training program and grandparented certificate templates
  • and a feeding assistant roster template.
Last Revised: May 28, 2015