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Nurse Aide Program: Providers Verifying Nurse Aide Employment

Wisconsin TestMaster Universe (TMU) houses the Wisconsin nurse aide registry.

In Wisconsin, each CNA (certified nurse aide) must work for pay at least eight hours during each 24-month certification period. An RN (registered nurse) or LPN (licensed practical nurse) must supervise the work. The work must occur in one of these settings:

  • Federally certified (Medicare and/or Medicaid certified) nursing home.
  • Hospice.
  • Home health agency.
  • Intermediate care facility for individuals with intellectual disabilities.
  • State-licensed hospital.
  • Facility for people with developmental disabilities.
  • Rural medical center that provides one or more of these services.

To work in a federally certified facility (Medicare and/or Medicaid certified), CNAs must renew every 24 months. The process begins when a renewing CNA selects your facility as their employer in TMU.

Read our provider FAQs

Validate CNA work requests

Find the scenario below that applies to you.

I need to determine the work eligibility of a CNA.

To find out if a nurse aide is eligible to work in Wisconsin, search the registry on TMU.

I need to change the personnel who checks CNA work requests.

If new personnel is responsible for verifying work requests, you'll need to change the contact listed in TMU.

We only assign one set of TMU credentials (login ID and email) to each facility. If you've served as the contact, but someone else is taking over that role, you can update the contact in TMU. You must give new credentials for the appropriate person at your facility.

Follow these simple steps:

  1. Log in to TMU.
  2. Select your username (upper right corner of screen).
  3. Select Profile.
  4. Under Login Info, update the following:
    • Username
    • Email
    • New Password
    • Confirm Password
  5. Under Contact, make any necessary updates.
  6. Select Update.

If you are unable to log in to your TMU account, we can help. This could result from the person in charge of work requests leaving your facility or no longer being available. Email Include the name and email address of the person taking over work requests. We can help you gain access to your facility account.

I need to validate a work request.

The employment queue on TMU lists each of your pending requests. TMU sends an automated email when a worker requests verification. Check the employment queue at least once a week in case you don't receive the email.

After logging in to your facility account in TMU, follow these steps:

  1. Select Employment (upper left corner of the screen).

    The Employment History page will appear.

  2. Find the student's name, and select Verify.

    The Verify Employment box will appear.

  3. From the Status dropdown menu, select Approve or Deny.
    • If you approve the request, under Affidavit, select the checkbox. This step verifies the person worked as a direct employee or a contracted employee (for example, a staffing agency). The work must be for at least eight hours for pay as a nurse aide under the supervision of a registered nurse or licensed practical nurse. The work must be at your facility during the timeframe listed.
    • If you deny the request, you must give a reason.
  4. Select Complete Verification.

I am an employer from Wisconsin or from any other state and am not listed in TMU.

An employer that is not listed in TMU, can verify nurse aide employment if:

  • The aide performed nursing or nursing-related services for monetary compensation during their certification period
  • The work was completed under the supervision of a RN or LPN

Complete a Wisconsin Nurse Aide Registry Renewal Form, F-03211 (PDF). Return the completed form via fax to 608-226-5524 or email

Last revised January 24, 2024