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Nurse Aide Program: Starting or Maintaining a Nurse Aide Training Program

The Wisconsin Division of Quality Assurance must approve each CNA (certified nurse aide) training program. The Division of Quality Assurance must approve the program before you can offer instruction.

Contact us for an application

If you're interested in training as a CNA, learn more about becoming a nurse aide in Wisconsin.

Forms and information

Thank you for your interest in offering a nurse aide training program. Find the scenario below that applies to you. Email any required materials to our Division of Quality Assurance Nurse Aide Training and Testing Department at We provide links to required forms below.

I want to apply to offer a nurse aide training program.

Wisconsin facilities and private programs can offer nurse aide training. Review the following materials:

If you want to offer a nurse aide training program, please contact us.

I need to make a change to my currently approved training program.

If you're making changes, complete the Substantial Change Application, F-62224.

Use this form when changing your:

  • Program designee
  • Primary instructor
  • Program Trainer
  • Curriculum
  • Classroom location
  • Clinical site

If you're only changing your program hours, complete the Nurse Aide Training Program - Request for Change in Hours.

I would like to request a waiver or variance.

Please visit Waivers and Variances: Nurse Aide Programs.

I have a student who needs an Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) accommodation.

Complete the Request for ADA Accommodation.

Last revised August 2, 2023