Feeding Assistant Program – Record Retention Requirements

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Feeding assistant training programs must maintain the following records for at least 3 years:

  • All student skill checklists, written examinations, certificates and other relevant training records.
  • Documentation of the training conducted and identification of the instructor conducting the training.
  • Record of all individuals who have successfully completed the feeding assistant training and competency testing program.

Training programs must maintain the security of the test materials and certificate templates, to ensure disclosure or forgery does not occur.

Facilities employing feeding assistants must maintain the following personnel records:

  • Feeding assistant roster, recording all individuals employed by the facility as feeding assistants who successfully completed the feeding assistant training and competency evaluation (written or oral exam and skill demonstration).
  • A copy of the feeding assistant training or grandparenting certificate, kept in the individual's personnel file.
  • The selected resident's medical record, documenting no complicated feeding condition exists.
  • Annual in service session(s), relating to feeding assistant duties.
  • Annual evaluation documentation, determining a feeding assistant's continued competence in feeding residents.
Last Revised: January 27, 2017