Feeding Assistant – Successful Training Program Completion

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An individual may not provide hands-on assistance with feeding or hydrating residents unless the individual has successfully completed the following:

  1. A State-approved training program for feeding assistants, including additional instruction on the selected resident population and the Wisconsin Caregiver Program requirements.
  2. After completing the training course, a State-approved standardized written quiz with a score of 75 percent or greater.
  3. A State-approved standardized skill demonstration, determining handwashing and resident feeding competency with a score of 75 percent or greater.

Instructors should consider the needs of persons who have limited English proficiency or reading difficulties.  Individuals may request the quiz to be administered orally.

The instructor must observe the trainee's performance. Each skill must be initialed and dated by the instructor, to verify satisfactory or unsatisfactory performance.

Programs may choose to add increased testing requirements.

Students who do not successfully pass the initial competency evaluation will be allowed the opportunity to review the training materials and retake the test.

Programs can establish the number of times a candidate may retake the test. However, the program must document the failure, opportunity for review and subsequent retake testing.

The instructor must issue a State approved certificate to each participant who successfully completes the program, documenting the name of the participant, the training program and the date of successful completion.

Last Revised: January 27, 2017