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Feeding Assistant Program: Training Requirements

Feeding assistant training programs must follow certain standards. These include being at least eight hours in length and covering certain topics. These topics include how to:

  • Control or stop the spread of infection.
  • Help residents eat and drink.
  • Perform procedures like the Heimlich maneuver.
  • Recognize changes in residents that should be reported to a nurse.
  • Respect residents' rights.
  • Respond to resident behavior.
  • Talk to and interact with residents.

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In addition to these topics, programs must cover:

  • Population-specific training. That means:
    • An overview of residents' needs, including treatments and services.
    • How to meet the needs of residents with more than one illness. This could be someone with a mental health illness and drug dependence, for example.
    • Instruction on who feeding assistants can help. That doesn't include residents with complicated feeding problems.
  • Training for those who completed a program at another facility. This is so the feeding assistant can understand the needs of the residents they'll now serve.
  • Wisconsin's Caregiver Programs, including:
    • Background check requirements.
    • Rehabilitation review requirements.
    • The definitions of client abuse, neglect, and property theft.
    • The importance of reporting complaints of wrongdoing.

Facilities can add more hours to their program to cover other topics.

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Last revised May 2, 2022