Nurse Aide Training and Registry Information

Beginning in 1990, the federal government required all states to establish a “Registry” of persons who were eligible to work as a nurse aide in federally regulated facilities. The Wisconsin Nurse Aide Registry lists the names of nurse aides who, through training, testing and experience, meet federal and/or state requirements to work in Wisconsin. Federal regulations require all states to keep such a list. Wisconsin’s Nurse Aide Registry is maintained by Pearson VUE. (See Registry Services below to search the registry.)

Federal and state regulations require that a person’s name is entered on the Wisconsin Nurse Aide Registry only after satisfactorily completing both a Wisconsin approved

  1. Nurse aide training program, or basic nursing course for professional nurses or licensed practical nurses, and
  2. Competency evaluation program.

A person may also transfer from another state nurse aide registry if that person meets all requirements of the Wisconsin Nurse Aide Registry. See the Registry Services tab below for the Out-of-State Application


In Wisconsin, all approved nurse aide training programs must provide students with comprehensive instruction on the requirements to work in all types of licensed health care facilities (e.g., nursing homes, home health agencies, hospices, hospitals, intermediate care facilities for individuals with intellectual disabilities). Wisconsin Department of Health (DHS), Division of Quality Assurance (DQA) approves nurse aide training programs that satisfy the standards outlined in Wis. Stat. ch. 146 and Wis. Admin. Code ch. DHS 129. See the Training tab below for details regarding training and the Training Programs tab for program information.

The Wisconsin Nurse Aide Training Program and Registry Manual, P-00118, currently under revision, provides detailed information about the nurse aide training and competency evaluation program regulations and the Nurse Aide Registry in Wisconsin. This manual is intended to assist nurse aide training program instructors, nurse aide employers and nurse aides in understanding their roles and responsibilities regarding nurse aide training and testing programs and the Registry.

DQA contracts with Pearson VUE to implement the National Nurse Aide Assessment Program (NNAAPP) as the single statewide test for evaluating nurse aide competency. Competency exams are administered through Credentia. See the Testing tab below for additional information.

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  • Headmaster
    Registry: 888-401-0465
    Testing: 888-401-0462

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Training Programs

Information for Nurse Aide Training Programs

Please note that nurse aide training programs offered through correspondence or on-line services are not approved nurse aide training programs in Wisconsin. All nurse aide training programs must be approved by DQA prior to providing instruction.



Last Revised: August 10, 2018