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Client Rights: Your Rights When Receiving Treatment at a Secure Treatment Center

There are two state secure treatment centers. Wisconsin’s client rights law only applies to patients at Sand Ridge Secure Treatment Center. It does not apply to residents at the Wisconsin Resource Center.

Sand Ridge Secure Treatment Center is for people committed or detained under the state’s sexually violent person law.

Legal rights when receiving services

People receiving services at Sand Ridge Secure Treatment Center are given the Your Rights and the Grievance Resolution Process, P-20377, pamphlet listing their rights when they are admitted. Each living area also has a poster with these rights.

Some rights for people receiving services at Sand Ridge Secure Treatment Center vary from those at other state-run facilities. An addendum pamphlet, P-20377A, explains these differences.

Other rights

People receiving services have other rights under state law, as well:

Filing a complaint

If you feel one of your rights has been violated, you—or anyone on your behalf—can file a complaint. You must file the complaint with the client rights facilitator within 45 days.

Or take your complaint to court without filing it with the center.

Learn more about how to file a complaint

Last revised July 2, 2022