Secure Treatment Center

Applies to: Anyone who is committed or detained under Chapter 980 Wisconsin Statutes (PDF), in a secure treatment center operated by the state of Wisconsin. 

The only facility housing Ch. 980 patients is:

Sand Ridge Secure Treatment Center (SRSTC) in Mauston

Patients at SRSTC have rights under:

  • Sec. 51.61 (PDF), Wisconsin Statutes, and
  • DHS 94 (PDF), Wisconsin Administrative Code

Their rights are explained in the brochure Your Rights and the Grievance Resolution Process P-20377 that is given to patients on admission. However, some of the rights of patients committed or placed under Chapter 980, Statutes, vary slightly from the rights of other mental health patients. These variances are explained in an addendum (P-20377A), also handed out to patients on admission. Each patient unit also has a poster listing patient rights. These are available in English and Spanish. More information is available on the webpage Forms, Publications and Posters.

Any patient, or anyone on behalf of the patient, may file a complaint if they feel the patient's rights have been violated. Any complaints must be filed with the facility within 45 calendar days of the event involved or the patient becoming aware of the issue. Complaints should be in writing, but verbal complaints may be accepted at the discretion of the facility's Client Rights Facilitator (CRF).

To find out the name of the facility's CRF, contact the Sand Ridge SecureTreatment Center at (608) 847-4438. A form  is available for filing complaints, but its use is not required. (Complaint Report F-0009 (PDF, 12 KB) ).

The Division of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services (DMHSAS), which operates the state Secure Treatment Centers, has a four-stage grievance resolution process for complaints. The first two levels are at the facility, the third level is the DMHSAS Client Rights Office and the fourth and final level is the DMHSAS Administrator. DMHSAS and DLTC Procedure Flow Chart (PDF, 12 KB).

Complaints of rights violations may also be taken directly to court under Sec. 51.61(7), Wisconsin Statutes (PDF - scroll to page 57). The use of the grievance procedure is not required before going to court, but a grievance can be dismissed at the stage it is being considered once the matter is taken to court.

Last Revised: July 31, 2015