Client Rights - Secure Treatment Center

The Wisconsin Department of Health Services operates the Sand Ridge Secure Treatment Center in Mauston for individuals committed or detained under Wisconsin's sexually violent persons law.

Client Rights Pamphlets

Client rights are explained in a pamphlet (P-20377) that is handed out on admission. Each patient unit also has a poster listing client rights.  However, some client rights for patients committed or detained at the Sand Ridge Secure Treatment Center vary slightly from the rights of patients at other state operated facilities. These variances are explained in addendum pamphlet (P-20377A) also handed out to patients on admission.

Law and Code

Grievance Procedure

Any patient, or anyone on behalf of the patient, may file a complaint if they feel the patient's rights have been violated within 45 days of the concern. Sand Ridge Secure Treatment Center has a Client Rights Facilitator to answer questions about client rights and to handle the complaint process. Ask for the Client Rights Facilitator if you need help.

There is a four-stage grievance resolution procedure for complaints at facilities operated by the Wisconsin Department of Health Services. 

Complaints of rights violations may also be taken directly to court. The use of the grievance procedure is not required before going to court, but a grievance can be dismissed at the level or stage it is being considered once the matter is taken to court.

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Last Revised: October 1, 2019