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Client Rights: Your Rights When Receiving Treatment at a State Center

There are three state centers for people with developmental disabilities.

Legal rights when receiving services

People receiving services at one of our state centers are given the Rights of Individuals Receiving Services from State Centers for the Developmentally Disabled, P-20330, pamphlet listing their rights when they are admitted. In addition, living areas in all three centers display a poster with these rights.

Other rights

People receiving services have other rights under state law, as well:

Despite this, there are certain rights that may be limited or denied. This is due to treatment, management, or security reasons. These include the right to make and receive phone calls, and the right to see visitors.

Filing a complaint

If you feel one of your rights has been violated, you—or anyone on your behalf—can file a complaint. You must file the complaint within 45 days. 

Or take your complaint to court without filing it with the center.

Learn more about how to file a complaint


If you’re the guardian of a person receiving services and have a question about their rights, you have options. Email the Client Rights Office.

Learn about guardianship in relation to receiving services

Last revised July 2, 2022