Client Rights Training Opportunities

Client Rights Training 

Client Rights Office (CRO) staff provide training for  community Client Rights Specialists and Program Managers dealing with Client Rights and the DHS 94 grievance resolution procedure.  We also make training available to interested others in the community.

We have created training modules for four different topics related to client rights.  Viewing these modules will allow provider staff and others to become educated on client rights for all "patients" and, if appropriate, specifically for "inpatients".  

We have also developed a separate training curriculum for Client Rights Specialists (CRSs) Training that allows people to be certified that their training is completed.  

All of the following modules can be linked to from here by anyone in the public. However, no certificates of completion are available from these sites: 

Client Rights for every patient: 

Additional Client Rights for Inpatients/ Residential services:

The DHS 94 Grievance Procedure:

Client Rights Limitations or Denials (CRLDs):  


We also provide consultation by phone or email on client rights issues. If you have questions about client rights or the DHS 94 Grievance Resolution Procedure and what is required from your agency, please feel free to call for advice or direction.

The following documents are intended to assist staff and providers in complying with the client rights laws and rules on specific topics:

The following documents are about the DHS 94 grievance resolution procedure (refer to the DHS 94 flow chart (PDF, 7 KB) for a quick overview of the process):

Please contact CRO staff if you have any questions about these documents.

Last Revised: July 27, 2015