Client Rights - Pamphlets and Posters

The Client Rights Office offers pamphlets and posters concerning client rights in different settings.


Community Inpatient or Residential

P-20195A Client Rights and the Grievance Resolution Procedure for In-Patient or Residential Services

P-20470A Rights of Minors in Inpatient Community Mental Health Facilities (8½ by 14) English (PDF, 166 KB)

Community Forensic Services

P-20142 Client Rights and the Grievance Procedure For the Community Forensic Services Programs

Community Outpatient

These pamphlets are for individuals receiving services in Wisconsin for mental illness, substance abuse, or developmental disabilities in outpatient community settings.

P-23112 Client Rights and the Grievance Procedure for Community Services

P-20470B Rights of Children and Adolescents in Outpatient Mental Health Treatment

Group Foster Homes

Residents of Group Foster Homes have the same client rights as individuals receiving services for mental illness, developmental disabilities, or substance abuse.

Specific rights materials for Group Foster Homes are being developed. When they are completed, they will be available through this site.

Until such materials are developed, operators of Group Foster Homes can use the client rights materials available below. Residents can be informed that they have these rights, even though the materials may not specifically mention Group Foster Homes.

Brochure P-20470 only applies to teens receiving inpatient mental health treatment, so it should not be used for Group Foster Homes.

State Operated Centers

These pamphlets are for patients at Central Wisconsin Center, Northern Wisconsin Center, and Southern Wisconsin Center.

P-20330 Rights of Individuals Receiving Services from State Centers for the Developmentally Disabled

State Operated Facilities

These pamphlets are for patients at Mendota Mental Health Institute, Winnebago Mental Health Institute, and Sand Ridge Secure Treatment Center.

P-20377 Your Rights and the Grievance Resolution Process

P-20377 Addendum for Patients at Sand Ridge Secure Treatment Center

P-20470 Rights of Children and Adolescent Patients in Inpatient Mental Health Facilities (8½ by 14) English (PDF, 166 KB)


Free posters for service providers listing client rights for either outpatient or inpatient services are available.

  • P-23126 Client Rights for Community Services
  • P-23127 Client Rights for Inpatient and Residential Services

To order, please contact the forms and publications center for the Wisconsin Department of Health Services or contact Jim Pritchard with questions at 608-266-7075.

Last Revised: September 23, 2015