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Client Rights: Pamphlets and Posters on Rights When Receiving Services

The Client Rights Office provides pamphlets and posters detailing your rights if you receive services for mental health, substance use, or a developmental disability.

Summary of your rights when receiving services


People who receive services are given a pamphlet listing their rights before treatment begins. The pamphlets and rights vary depending on the reason for treatment and where you receive it.

All people receiving services have a right to treatment without sexual contact. These rights are discussed in the In Wisconsin, Treatment Never Includes Sex, P-01256, pamphlet.

Community inpatient or residential

Community forensic services

Community outpatient

Group foster homes

If you live in a group foster home, you have the same rights as those who receive treatment for mental health, substance use, or a developmental disability. If you run a group foster home, you can use these materials.

Note: The P-20470 brochure only applies to teens receiving inpatient mental health treatment. It does not apply to group foster homes.

State centers for people with intellectual disabilities

These rights are for people receiving services at Central Wisconsin Center (CWC), Northern Wisconsin Center (NWC), and Southern Wisconsin Center (SWC).

State mental health treatment facilities

These rights are for people receiving services at Mendota Mental Health Institute, Winnebago Mental Health Institute, and Sand Ridge Secure Treatment Center.


If you are a service provider, you can submit a print request for a poster of the rights of people receiving services. The posters are 18 inches by 24 inches.

  • Rights for people receiving our inpatient or residential services: Client Rights For Inpatient and Residential Services Poster, P-23127. Also available in Spanish, P-23127S.
  • Rights for people receiving our community services: Client Rights For Community Services Poster, P-23126. Also available in Spanish, P-23126S.

To request a copy of one of these posters, fill out a forms and publications order form and email the completed form to

Last revised September 22, 2023