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Crisis Services: Information for Providers

Crisis Intervention Network virtual meetings

All professionals who respond to mental health crisis situations are invited to participate in monthly virtual meetings with staff from the Division of Care and Treatment Services, Division of Medicaid Services, and Division of Quality Assurance.

Join our Crisis Intervention Network email list to receive information about these meetings.

Administrative code

Wis. Admin. Code ch. DHS 34 - Emergency Mental Health Service Programs

Medicaid updates

The Wisconsin Medicaid crisis intervention services benefit has added an option for teaming. The billing codes and modifiers have been updated for all crisis services. Watch a webinar that explains all of the updates. If you have questions about these updates, email the Division of Medicaid Services

ForwardHealth Update 2023-06 (PDF) covers information on the expanded mobile crisis benefit and changes to crisis intervention services claim submission. 

Program certification

Policy documents, reports, research papers, and toolkits

Training opportunities

Training and technical assistance contacts

Wisconsin Psychiatric Bed Tracker

The Wisconsin Psychiatric Bed Locator Tool assists hospital emergency room staff and county staff responsible for approval of emergency detentions locate potential availability of psychiatric beds for the purpose of referring patients for care. Only registered users can use this tool. Learn more about the Wisconsin Psychiatric Bed Tracker

Want to talk more about crisis?

The #CrisisTalk website serves as a national platform to discuss challenges, opportunities, tools, and best practices related to providing mental health crisis care that diverts people in distress from medical emergency rooms and jails by developing a continuum of services that match people’s clinical needs.

The 988 Crisis Jam Learning Community is held every Wednesday at 11 a.m. Central time on Zoom. Join the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, more than 50 national organizations, and people from all 50 states in these weekly sessions. Sign up for reminders for these events.

Last revised April 7, 2024