Crisis Services: Someone to Respond

Sending help when needed

Sometimes, you need someone to come to you to help resolve your mental health crisis.

Mobile crisis teams

When a mental health crisis cannot be resolved over the phone by county crisis line staff, a mobile crisis team may be dispatched to provide in-person support. Mobile crisis teams are responders specially trained to de-escalate the crisis, assess needs, and help you find a solution to the immediate situation. These responders may also take you to a safe place, including a shelter, treatment center, or hospital. 

Most counties have mobile crisis teams. Their hours of operation vary.

If a mobile crisis team is not available, law enforcement may be dispatched. Many law enforcement officers who handle these calls have completed crisis intervention training. Crisis intervention training helps law enforcement officers better understand people experiencing a mental health crisis and how to address their needs.  

Last Revised: September 13, 2021