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Crisis Services: Someone to Respond

Sending help when needed

You may need someone to come to you during a mental health crisis.

County mobile crisis response team

When county crisis line staff can’t resolve a crisis by phone, they may send a mobile crisis response team that includes at least one first responder or mental health professional. This team responds in-person to deescalate and provide support. Mobile crisis response teams may take you to a safe place, such as a shelter, treatment center, or hospital.

Enhanced mobile crisis response team: Some counties have an enhanced mobile crisis response team. This is a team that includes up to three first responders and/or mental health professionals that respond in-person during an emergency.

If a county mobile crisis team can’t come to you, they may send law enforcement. Many law enforcement officers who take these calls have completed crisis intervention training. The training helps them better understand people having a behavioral health crisis and how to meet their needs.

Co-responder models

Co-responder models provide a mobile crisis response using law enforcement and mental health professionals for individuals during an emergency. Many co-responder models respond to mental health calls through 911. They are not available in all Wisconsin communities. 

Last revised July 13, 2023