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Crisis Services: A Safe Place to Be

Open for you

Sometimes, when you have a behavioral health crisis, it’s best to go to a place that can help you. There are many supportive environments. They offer a network of people who work with you through your crisis. They can also help you plan for any challenges when you go back home.

Crisis stabilization facilities

A crisis stabilization facility is for people having a behavioral health crisis. It gives them a chance to recover in a safe, calming space. Staff offer 24/7 support. Some facilities also have counseling, therapy, and other services. Stays are short-term and can last up to a couple of weeks.

Find a crisis stabilization facility near you:

If there isn’t a crisis stabilization facility near you, and you need a place to go right now, call 911. You can also go to the emergency room closest to you. Emergency rooms mostly focus on physical health emergencies, but they can often direct people with mental health emergencies.

Peer-run respites

Peer-run respites are meant to help before a mental health struggle becomes a crisis. They offer short-term stays. These are designed to help people avoid a behavioral health crisis through supportive relationships with others who’ve had similar experiences. You must arrange a stay in advance. Learn more about Wisconsin’s peer-run respites.

Last revised July 13, 2023