Family Care, Family Care Partnership, and PACE: Managed Care Organizations

When a person enrolls in Family CareFamily Care Partnership (Partnership), or PACE (Program of All-Inclusive Care of the Elderly), they become a member of a managed care organization (MCO). Members can choose the MCO they want to use. To help, we have MCO scorecards that compare each MCO.

Find MCO contact details listed in Family Care MCOs Key Contacts (PDF).

What MCOs do

MCOs help:

  • Manage the Family Care, Partnership, and PACE programs.
  • Provide or plan covered services.
  • Make sure services fit with what each member needs and prefers at any given time.
  • Maintain a full network of long-term care providers that members can use.
  • Keep up and improve the quality of care and services for members.

MCOs get funds each month for each member they serve. These funds help them find and schedule care that members need. Members may be living at home, in group living, or in a nursing facility.

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Last Revised: July 11, 2022