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Family Care: Technical Assistance and Resource Series for Managed Care Organizations (MCOs)

Find technical assistance communications to MCOs for operation of Family Care, Family Care Partnership, and PACE (Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly).

Date IssuedSubject
Feb. 15, 2024DHS and MCO Resource Allocation Decision (RAD) and Notice of Adverse Benefit Determination Guideline, P-01048-13-04 (PDF)
Feb. 15, 2024Technical Assistance for When a Residential Provider Rate Change or Termination in Contract Results in a Move for a Member, P-01048-10-06 (PDF)
Nov. 30, 2022Work Incentives Benefits Counseling and its Role in Employment for Family Care, Family Care Partnership and PACE Members, P-01048-13-01 (PDF)
Dec. 1, 2021Prohibited Restraints and Restrictive Measures in Community-Based Programs and Facilities (PDF) DMS numbered memo 2021-07
Mar. 19, 2021Project SEARCH™ for Family Care, Family Care Partnership Members, and IRIS Participants, P-01048-13-02 (PDF)
Oct. 7, 2019Processing Medicaid Waiver Cost Share Reductions in CARES Worker Web, DMS Operations Memo 19-36 (PDF)
Jan. 31, 20192019 Cost Share Cap for Eligibility Group B Plus Family Care, Family Care Partnership, and PACE Programs (PDF) DMS 2019-01
Jan. 16, 2018Revisions to Wisconsin Medicaid Standards for Certified 1-2 Bed Adult Family Homes (PDF) DMS 2018-02
Nov. 12, 2015

Enrollment and Payment Discrepancy Resolution, P-01408 (PDF)

Enrollment Discrepancy Template, F-01655 (Excel)

Aug. 28, 2014

TA memo 11-02: MCO Access and Contracts with Nursing Home Commissions formed under s. 49.49(7) (PDF)

Fiscal Year Rates for Nursing Home Commissions 

Aug. 16, 2013RS memo 13-03: DHS and MCO Six-Month and Ongoing Member Reassessment Guideline (PDF)
May 2, 2013TA memo 12-01 Statements of Deficiency (SODs) (PDF)
Aug. 28, 2012RS memo 12-02 Authorizing Supported Employment Job Coaching for Family Care, Partnership and PACE Members (PDF)


Last revised February 22, 2024