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Consumer Guide: Free or Reduced-Fee Medical Care Services

This list of resources includes where you can find health care for free or at a lower cost.

  • ForwardHealth—Find many health service programs from Wisconsin Department of Health Services (DHS). Examples include Medicaid and BadgerCare Plus.
    • Federally Qualified Health Centers (PDF)—View a list of centers that offer a full range of primary care and preventive care services. Cost of services is based on family income and size.
    • Rural Health Centers (PDF)—View a list of centers that offer health services at clinics in more remote areas.
    • Tribal Health Centers (PDF)—View a list of centers that offer health services to tribal members. The Indian Health Service also explains more about tribal health centers in Wisconsin.
  • Safety Net Clinic Referral Directory—Learn more about 60 health clinics in Milwaukee County. Clinics serve people with low-income or no insurance. The resource is offered through the Milwaukee Health Care Partnership.
  • Wisconsin Association of Free and Charitable Clinics—View a list and map of free and low-cost health clinics in Wisconsin.
  • Wisconsin Community Health Centers—Find contact details for health centers in Wisconsin that serve patients no matter their insurance status. They use a sliding fee scale for people without insurance. Cost is based on income. The program is offered through the Wisconsin Primary Health Care Association.
  • Find a Health Center—Access a database of health centers from the Health Resources and Services Administration.

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Last revised August 15, 2022