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Consumer Guide: How to Choose a Health Insurance Plan

There are many types of health insurance. We know it can be hard to pick which option is best for you and your family. We’ve listed what to think through as you look at health insurance plans. These How-to Worksheets from Covering Wisconsin can help too.

1. Think about your (and your family’s) health care needs

Try to answer these questions. Your answers might affect what type of health insurance is best for you. Questions apply to you and your family.

  • Do you have a long-term (chronic) illness or other special need for care?
  • How much do you value getting your care from a certain doctor or hospital?
  • Do you have any kids in college, living away from home?
  • What kinds of health care costs do you think you’ll have in the next year?

2. Look at the key differences between types of health insurance plans

As you look at health insurance plans, try to answer these questions about each plan. Use the answers to compare plans.

  • What kind of care is covered?
  • Where can you get care?
  • When can you get care?
  • How much will you have to pay for care?
  • How will you be cared for?
  • Who can care for you? How much choice do you have in who you see for care?

3. Get extra help if you need it

If any of these apply to you, select the link to learn more.

4. Review the quality of health care for the plan

When you find a plan or plans that meet your needs, view the information on health care quality. Use the resources to compare the quality of care for different health insurance plans and providers.

Last revised August 29, 2022