Wisconsin Immunization Registry (WIR)

What is WIR?

The Wisconsin Immunization Registry, also called WIR, is an internet database that tracks vaccine records for Wisconsin children and adults.

WIR and similar systems are important tools to make sure that children and adults receive vaccines on time and reduce the time and money it takes to find old vaccine records.

WIR parent or legal guardian brochure

English - WIR - Parent brochure, P-42154 (PDF)
Spanish - Folleto de WIR para Padres de Familia, P-42154S (PDF)
Hmong - WIR - Niam Thiab Txiv Phau Me Nyuam Ntawv, P-42154H (PDF)

New Resource Available

Doctor in an exam room

The Department of Health Services now features information about the WIR for health care providers and local health departments.

Public access for individuals, parents, or legal guardians

What is public access?

Public vaccine record access allows people to look up their child's or their own vaccine record in WIR. Many people in Wisconsin receive vaccines from more than one doctor, or health care provider. Public access allows people to find their vaccine record quickly and efficiently no matter where they are in the state.

How do I access my or my child's immunization record?

To access your or your child's immunization records you will need the person's first and last names, their date of birth, and either their Social Security number, Medicaid ID number, or their health care member ID number.

Step 1. Follow the links below to access the WIR public immunization records portal.

English - Public Immunization Record Access
Spanish - Acceso Publico del Registro de Inmunización
Hmong - Tshawb Nrhiav Txog Kev Txhaj Tshuaj Cov Ntaub Ntawv

Step 2. On the next screen, enter the first name in the First Name field and last name in the Last Name field.

Step 3. Enter the birth date using the MM/DD/YYYY format in the Birth Date field, or use the pop-up calendar by clicking the calendar icon to the right of the field.

Step 4. Enter one of the following:

  • The person's Social Security number
  • Medicaid ID
  • Health Care member ID

Step 5. Click the Search button.

The next thing you will see is the vaccine record and a list of recommended vaccines that the person should receive. If you do not see a vaccine record, or you receive an error message, call your doctor's office.

Step 6. Click the Print button, if needed. You can give the printed record as proof of vaccination for child care, summer camp, school, university, or employment purposes.

To unlock your record or have your record sent to a third party, use the Wisconsin Immunization Registry Record Release Authorization, F-02487 (PDF).

Need help?

Contact the WIR Help Desk by phone 608-266-9691 or email.



Last Revised: June 30, 2021