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Immunizations: Immunization Quality Improvement for Providers

Immunization Quality Improvement for Providers (IQIP) is the national, provider-level quality improvement program for Vaccines For Children. IQIP offers strategies to increase on-time vaccines for children and adolescents. The program helps provider offices achieve higher vaccine rates.

IQIP is a 12-month process. Immunization Program staff and Vaccines For Children program providers work together to identify and implement quality improvement strategies.


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The goal of IQIP is to increase on-time vaccines by:

  • Reducing missed chances to vaccinate.
  • Improving vaccine delivery practices at the provider level.

Healthy People 2020 aims to raise the percentage of providers who’ve measured vaccine coverage levels among their patients within the past year. The Wisconsin Immunization Program is here to help.

IQIP process

IQIP is a 12-month process. Wisconsin Immunization Program staff and provider quality improvement staff work together to improve on-time vaccine rates. The first step is to meet face-to-face to:

  • Discuss provider workflow.
  • Review clinic data.
  • Decide on quality improvement strategies.
  • Plan how to put those strategies into place.

Follow up occurs two to six months after the first meeting. We’ll meet with your staff to:

  • Review progress.
  • Update the strategy and plans to implement the program.

Finally, 12 months after the first meeting, we’ll review:

  • Success putting the strategy in place.
  • Vaccine coverage change.

Join us

If you’re a Vaccines For Children provider interested in joining the IQIP program, please contact your regional advisor.

If you aren’t part of the Vaccines For Children program and want to join IQIP, please contact:

Sarah Born
Division of Public Health
Bureau of Communicable Diseases
 Phone: 608-266-8621

IQIP resources

Last revised October 6, 2023