Immunization Requirements

To protect students and children from diseases that are preventable by immunization, Wisconsin law requires all students to show that they have received the required immunizations or have a signed waiver.

This page includes information about the law and materials that schools, child care centers, and public health agencies use to implement the law.

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School Law Requirements

The Department of Health Services Immunization Program, along with Louise Wilson from the Department of Public Instruction, held a webinar on the Wisconsin Student Immunization Law on August 26, 2021. The webinar and the accompanying slide deck cover the 2021-2022 school year reporting requirements.

Materials for Schools

Forms, Reports, and Letters

Results from the Past School Year

Educational Materials for Parents

Additional Resources

Child Care Requirements

Resources to Help Child Care Centers Prepare for the Annual Assessment

Letter to Child Care Center Directors that outlines immunization requirements and steps to prepare for the 2022 Child Care Assessment.

Q&A document, P-02047 to help parents understand immunization requirements for child care centers by age.

Child Care Assessment Booklet

The Child Care - Immunization Assessment booklet, P-44329, also called the "assessment booklet," contains all of the information and instructions that child care centers need in order to complete the annual assessment.

According to state law, child care centers should require all parents to keep their child's Immunization Record up-to-date. Maintaining this Child Care - Immunization Record, F-44192 form will meet this requirement.

Child Care Assessment Results


Wisconsin local health departments - Regional offices - Tribal agencies

Wisconsin immunization program staff

Last Revised: April 13, 2022