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Renovating or remodeling your pre-1978 home? Need to check your home for lead, or have lead hazards abated?


The Department of Health Services (DHS) can help you find a Wisconsin-certified company with appropriately certified employees.  Each month, DHS updates its directories of companies offering the following types of services: 

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Certified Lead Companies Directories

Select the type of service you are interested in to find a link to the current directory.

Lead-Safe Renovation

Lead-Safe Renovation Companies Directory (PDF)

A lead-safe renovation company is qualified to work lead-safe when performing renovation, repair, painting, or remodeling work that disturbs paint in residential and child-occupied facilities built before 1978. Window replacement, siding removal, and interior remodeling are just a few examples of work a that may only be conducted by a certified lead-safe renovation company. 

A certified lead-safe renovator must be assigned to the job, and all individuals involved must have received on-the-job training in lead-safe work practices.

Lead Investigation

Lead Investigation Companies Directory (PDF)

These companies are qualified to conduct some or all of these activities: inspect for lead-based paint, identify lead hazards through a risk assessment, conduct hazard screens to determine whether a risk assessment is warranted, or conduct post-abatement or renovation clearance. They may also conduct lead-free and lead-safe property inspections.

Depending on the nature of the investigation, individuals performing this type of work must be certified as a lead risk assessor, hazard investigator, inspector, or sampling technician.

Lead Abatement

Lead Abatement Companies Directory (PDF)

A certified lead abatement company is qualified to control and eliminate lead-based paint hazards identified through a risk assessment, and every abatement job must pass a third-party clearance before it is considered complete.

Lead abatement companies may work on properties under orders, or properties receiving federal or state funding, to reduce or eliminate lead hazards.

There must be at least one certified lead abatement supervisor on site while abatement work is ongoing, and all individuals involved must be, at a minimum, certified as lead abatement workers.

How to Use the Directories

State icon  Companies are listed alphabetically by city. However, many companies offer their services statewide, or in a service area much larger than their home city. If you do not find a company listed for your city, check neighboring cities and suburbs, moving out from your location until you find a company.


To search for companies in a specific city or a company with a specific name:

  1. Open the directory for the service you're seeking.
  2. Press CTRL-F on your keyboard.
  3. Type the first few letters in the city or company's name and press Enter on your keyboard.
  4. You will be taken to the first match in the directory, which will be highlighted.
  5. Press Enter on your keyboard to jump to the next entry that matches the city or company name you entered.
  6. To close the search, click on the small x in the search box with your cursor.

 Choosing a company to hire:

DHS does not endorse the companies on these lists. Some companies qualify to offer lead services but have chosen not to be listed. We recommend that consumers do the following when choosing a company:

  • Seek bids from multiple companies when possible.
  • Conduct reference checks,
  • Check the certification status of the company and its employees or subcontractors,
  • Have a written contract for services before engaging any company.


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Last Revised: June 10, 2020