The Lead-Safe Homes Program

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Do you live in an older home that has peeling paint or old windows? The Wisconsin
Lead-Safe Homes Program is a statewide program that might be able to help make repairs to your home, making it safer for your family.

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Property Owners/Tenants

Getting started is easy!
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Want more information about the Lead-Safe Homes Program? Download this program flyer, Wisconsin Lead-Safe Homes Program, P-02729 (PDF) or view answers to frequently asked questions.  

Who is Lead-Safe Homes Program for?

The Lead-Safe Homes Program is a statewide program that benefits:

  • Children: The program makes homes lead-safe so all kids can grow up without being exposed to lead in their home.
  • Property owners: The program helps pay for needed fixes to make owner-occupied and rental properties lead-safe.
  • Contractors: The program provides job opportunities in lower-income neighborhoods, and helps contractors get trained and certified to bid on Lead-Safe Home Program projects.
  • Communities: The program helps improve the housing stock in older neighborhoods. 

What properties can be enrolled in Lead-Safe Homes Program?

Properties have to meet all of the following criteria to be eligible:

  • Families with children or pregnant women living in or regularly visiting the home.
  • Child or pregnant woman are eligible for Medicaid or BadgerCare Plus.
  • Families with a household income below 301% of the federal poverty limit.
  • Homes built before 1978 with old windows or chipping paint.
  • Homes with currently paid taxes or enrolled in a tax payment plan.
  • Homes properly insured for complete loss.

When a property is approved, what costs are covered under the Lead-Safe Homes Program?

  • An assessment of the property, before and after repairs are made.
  • Lead-safe repairs, which may include new windows, doors, painting, and other household repairs.

Why should I participate in the Lead-Safe Homes Program?

  • Homeowners: The program covers 100% of the costs to make your home lead-safe.
  • Landlords: The program  covers between 85 - 100% of the costs to make your rental properties lead-safe. Although you may need to contribute the remaining portion of the costs not covered, the return on investment will be substantial.
  • Renters: There is no cost to you. Encourage your landlord to apply today!

How do I get started with the Lead-Safe Homes Program?

Please complete the program interest form to let us know you are interested and want to learn more. Someone from the program will contact you.


Are you a contractor who would like to bid on state-funded residential lead abatement projects? Do you work for a company that is willing to perform lead abatement work in your local area? Are you a consultant certified to do lead risk assessments in advance of lead abatement work and conduct clearance after the work is completed? Great News! the Lead-Safe Homes Program in the Department of Health Services (DHS) has some great opportunities for you. Please read more below.

Getting started is easy!
Please complete this interest form and someone from the program will contact you.

How does a contractor company qualify?

Grantee contractor companies must:

  • Be a DHS state-certified lead company in good standing.
  • Have a crew who works in a lead-safe manner with skills appropriate for the scope of work required by the project.
  • Have trained staff with the skills to complete full risk assessments and property clearances.
  • Hold a company pollution insurance policy.

What project contractor company costs are reimbursable?

Grantee contractor companies can be reimbursed for:

  • Training: Increase the size of your crew. Get more trained lead workers.
  • Certification: Cover your costs for certifying your company and your workers. 
  • Supplies: Invoice for supplies as soon as they arrive on the jobsite.
  • Work time: Bill for lead work done as part of the scope of work.
  • Extra insurance: Include your costs of pollution protection insurance in the bid for the project.
  • Mileage: If you travel out of your county for work, you can be reimbursed for your mileage to and from the jobsite.

What project consultant company costs are reimbursable?

Grantee consultant companies can be reimbursed for the cost of doing risk assessments and clearances on LSHP-enrolled properties.

About the LSHP

The Lead-Safe Homes Program is Health Services Initiative with the Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP). This program provides repairs to owner-occupied and rental properties to make them lead-safe. It is available to persons enrolled In Medicaid or BadgerCare Plus as a way to prevent lead poisoning. Families with children under the age of 19 and pregnant women may qualify for the program. 

The program is administered by DHS and our local or regional grantees. 

Email the Lead-Safe Homes Program or call 608-267-9191.


Last Revised: July 24, 2020