Certification Requirements for Working with Lead-Based Paint

Regulated lead activities require both individual and company certifications. 

Veterans License Fee Waiver Program - 2011 Wisconsin Act 209

If you are a veteran of the U.S. armed services, you may qualify for a one-time fee waiver of your initial lead certification.  Visit https://www.dhs.wisconsin.gov/regulations/act209.htm to learn more about the Fee Waiver Program and how to apply for a fee waiver voucher. To be granted a fee waiver, submit your voucher eligibility code with your application.


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Individual Certification   

  • Lead Disciplines: The Lead Disciplines Table (P-00848, PDF, 47 KB) lists the training courses, fees, and any state exam, prior education, or experience required for certification in each discipline.
  • Training: An individual must first complete accredited lead training before applying for certification.  Select Lead Training Providers for the list of trainers.
  • Affiliation with a Certified Company: An individual conducting regulated lead work must work for or own a Wisconsin-certified Lead Company or Lead-Safe Company.  To apply for company certification, complete the Certification Application - Company (F-00171, PDF, 25 KB).  
  • Application: After completing training for a lead discipline, the individual may:
    • Apply online, if paying by VISA or MasterCard.
    • Mail a paper application (F-44003, PDF, 43 KB), if paying by check or money order. 
    • Applicants who completed required training in another state must apply using the paper application form (F-44003, PDF, 43 KB), following the special directions on Page 2.
  • Application Processing: Applications are processed as quickly as possible.  Applicants are encouraged to apply immediately after completing training, and to submit renewal applications at least 30 days before the expiration date on the current card.
  • Certification Cards: Individuals must have their certification card at the job site when conducting regulated lead work. 
  • State Lead Exam: Individuals applying for initial certification as a Lead Abatement Supervisor, Inspector, Hazard Investigator, or Risk Assessor are required to take the state lead exam for the discipline.
    • Applicants must pass the appropriate exam with a score of at least 70% correct within six months of completing their qualifying training.  Persons who were not previously certified in the discipline are issued a six-month Interim Certification card, allowing them to conduct regulated work while waiting to take and pass the exam.
    • A person who fails the exam may take it up to two additional times during the initial six-month period. Each exam registration costs $50.
    • A person who does not pass the exam after three attempts, or within six months, whichever comes earlier, must retake the initial course for the discipline before again taking the exam. This person would not qualify for Interim Certification again and would not be allowed to conduct regulated work until passing the exam and receiving a certification card.
    • An applicant currently certified in another state who passed the exam in that state may provide proof of certification in that state and of passing that state's exam in lieu of taking the Wisconsin exam.
    • Persons who have passed the exam in Wisconsin but whose certification has been expired for more than 12 months are required to retake the state exam prior to qualifying for recertification. Persons may also be required to retake the initial course if they did not maintain their refresher training requirements.
  • Exam Schedule, Location and Registration Information
  • Exam Study Guides: Topics covered on the exams are available for the Supervisor, Inspector, Hazard Investigator, and Risk Assessor exams.

Company Certification

Company certification is required before performing or offering to perform regulated lead activities.

  • Company Types:  There are two types of lead company certifications.
  1. Lead Company - With properly certified persons, may offer and conduct lead abatement activities, lead-safe renovation activities, or lead investigation activities that include lead inspections, risk assessments, and clearances.
  2. Lead-Safe Company - With properly certified persons, may offer and conduct renovation activities on pre-1978 residential and child-occupied facilities.
  • Certified Individual Affiliated with Company: A certified company must employ or contract with appropriately certified individuals before performing or offering to perform regulated lead activities, including lead abatement activities, lead investigation activities, and lead-safe renovation activities.
  • Application: Companies may apply for certification using one of these methods:
  • Company Lists Available to the Public: On its website, the Department publishes directories of certified companies that conduct regulated lead work. These directories include:
    • Lead Abatement Contractor Directory - Must employ a certified lead abatement supervisor. 
    • Lead Consultant Directory - Must employ a certified lead inspector, lead hazard investigator, or lead risk assessor.
    • Lead-Safe Renovation Company Directory - Must employ a certified lead-safe renovator, lead abatement worker, or lead abatement  supervisor.

A certified company may opt to be listed in one or more of these directories by checking the appropriate box or boxes under the "Public Directories" section of the company application form.


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