Training and Certification for Correcting Lead Hazards

Training and certification requirements for working with lead-based paint:

Lead Disciplines:  Wisconsin certifies persons in seven lead disciplines, each requiring varying education, experience, and lead training qualifications.  The Lead Disciplines Table (P-00848, PDF, 47 KB) provides additional information for each discipline.

Lead Hazard Reduction Disciplines:

  • Lead-Safe Renovator

  • Lead Abatement Worker

  • Lead Abatement Supervisor

Lead Investigation Disciplines:

  • Lead Sampling Technician

  • Lead Inspector

  • Lead Hazard Investigator

Additional Resources

Apply for Individual and Company Certification here.

- Certification Application - Individual F-44003 form for download. (PDF, 35 KB) (Wisconsin Division of Public Health)

- Certification Application - Company F-00171 form for download. (PDF, 16 KB) (Wisconsin Division of Public Health)

- Lead Hazard Reduction and Investigation Certification Table for information about lead disciplines (PDF, 47 KB) (Wisconsin Division of Public Health)

- State Statute and Administrative Rules relating to lead-based paint hazards.

- Creating Lead-Safe Housing provides various resources for parents, homeowners, and tenants.

Lead Certification: Describes the lead (Pb) certification requirements that individuals and companies must meet before conducting regulated lead hazard reduction, lead-safe renovation, or lead investigation activities in pre-1978 housing and child-occupied facilities.

State Lead Certification Exams: Persons applying for Lead Abatement Supervisor, Lead Hazard Investigator, Lead Inspector, or Lead Risk Assessor must pass the state certification exam within six months of completing their initial training course.

Accredited Lead Training Providers: List of Wisconsin-accredited lead training providers that offer lead training courses required for certification.

Note: If you are interested in applying to become a Wisconsin-accredited training provider, contact Jeff Raiche-Gill at (608) 266-9382 or for instructions.

Certified Lead Companies: Lists of Wisconsin-certified lead abatement and lead investigation companies that employ certified lead professionals and lead-safe companies that employ certified lead-safe renovators.

Last Revised: January 7, 2015