Emerging Sources of Lead

Many products for children have been recalled because they contain dangerous amounts of lead. Other products can also contain lead, but because the products are not intended for children, they are not recalled.

Unfortunately, children can still get access to these products.

View the products that have been found to contain lead.

Emerging Sources of Lead; Get Your Kids Tested.

For product-specific information, refer to the categories listed below.

Consumer products for children

Home remedies, cultural products, and ceremonial powders

Candies and spices

  • The California Department of Health tests a variety of candies for lead periodically. Consult their documentation of test results to find which candies should be avoided.
  • A nonprofit organization, As You Sow, tested and found lead and other heavy metals in chocolate bars sold in the U.S.
  • Warning: Sindoor Contains Lead—A product called "SINDOOR" is often added to food as a food coloring. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued an alert on Dec. 17, 2007, warning consumers not to use the Swad brand Sindoor product because testing conducted by the Illinois Department of Public Health indicated this product contained very high levels of lead, sometimes as high as 87%.
  • Cumin in imported spices found to contain lead.


  • Lead in fishing sinkers and lures can also be a problem—the dust from the lead in sinkers and lures can get into the tackle box. If a child has access to the tackle box or the actual sinkers or lures, they can be exposed to lead.
  • Firearm-related activities, like shot re-loading, casting bullets, firearm cleaning and shooting ranges, can expose children and adults to lead and lead dust.
  • Stained-glass making can use lead solder to combine pieces of glass. When the lead solder is heated up, the fumes can be toxic. Anyone exposed to those fumes could become lead poisoned.
  • Other more detailed information can be found on the department's webpage, Adult Lead for Workers and All Adults.

Other products

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Lead in Consumer Products

Lead in Food, Cosmetics and Medicines

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Last Revised: March 3, 2022