Wisconsin Statutes and Administrative Rules for Lead Poisoning Prevention

In Wisconsin, a number of statutes and rules have been enacted to regulate activities having to do with hazards from lead-based paint.  These govern residential facilities, worker protection, landlord and tenant agreements, housing sales, lead hazard reduction, drinking water, reporting of blood lead test results, and public health response to lead poisoning.

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Wisconsin Statute Chapter 254.  Environmental Health (PDF, 427 KB).  Describes public health and other responsibilities for detection, treatment and response to lead hazard exposure.

Wisconsin Statute Chapter 704.  Landlord and Tenant (PDF, 178 KB).  Describes the conditions under which a tenant may move without incurring liability due to untenantability, including conditions that are hazardous to health (704.07(4)). 

Wisconsin Statute Chapter 709.  Disclosures by Owners of Residential Real Estate (PDF, 71 KB).

Administrative Rules

Administrative Rule DHS 134.  Facilities Serving People with Developmental Disabilities (PDF, 356 KB).

Administrative Rule DHS 157.  Radiation Protection (PDF, 1 MB). This Administrative Rule contains information about the regulation of XRF devices.  The following subchapters can be found in DHS 157, and pertain to XRF devices: I, III, X, XI, XII, XIII.

Administrative Rule DHS 163.  Certification for the Identification, Removal, and Reduction of Lead-Based Paint (PDF, 374 KB).  Amended in 2009 to regulate renovation, repair and painting activities that may disturb lead-based paint.  The Wisconsin Lead-Safe Renovation Rule affects contractors and child-occupied facilities regarding renovation activity in dwellings built before 1978.

Administrative Rule DHS 181.  Reporting of Blood Lead Test Results (PDF, 20 KB).

Administrative Rule DHS 182.  Lead Poisoning or Lead Exposure Prevention Grants (PDF, 17 KB).

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