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Medicaid Advisory Committee

The Medicaid Advisory Committee gives feedback and advice about Medicaid in Wisconsin. The group can affect Medicaid programs and the people who use them. Feedback and advice goes to the Wisconsin Department of Health Services (DHS). DHS runs Medicaid in Wisconsin.

Members attend four online meetings each year. They talk with the Medicaid director and staff about program plans and decisions. They also get updates, have discussions, and ask questions.

The Medicaid director selects the committee members. Members participate for 2-4 years.

All committee meetings are open to the public. Time is set aside at the beginning of each meeting for comments from the public.

Read the Medicaid Advisory Committee charter (PDF) to learn more about the group.

June 19, 9–11 a.m.

Medicaid Advisory Committee membership roster
NameMember TypeOrganizationTerm Ends
Marguerite BurnsAcademic expert related to MedicaidN/ADec. 31, 2024
Kelly CarterLong-term care case managerN/ADec. 31, 2024
Allison EspesethEnrollment assisterCovering WI, UW-MadisonDec. 31, 2025
Randi EspinozaLong-term care member advocateDodge County  Human ServicesDec. 31, 2024
Dr. David Gunderson, DDS, MPHDental providerFirst Choice DentalDec. 31, 2025
Dipesh NavsariaAcute care providerUW HealthDec. 31, 2025
Kyle NondorfHospital administratorSSM HealthDec. 31, 2024
Bobby PetersonAcute/Primary care member advocateABC for Health Inc.Dec. 31, 2025
John RathmanCounty health and human services directorOutagamie County Health and Human ServicesDec. 31, 2025
Randy SamuelsonTribal health director or representativeBad River Health & Wellness CenterDec. 31, 2025
Paula TranDPH administratorDHSN/A
Laura WaldvogelFQHC representativeFamily Health La ClinicaDec. 31, 2025
VacantAcute case managerN/AN/A
VacantBehavioral health providerN/AN/A
VacantHealth equity expertN/AN/A
VacantLong-term care direct care workerN/AN/A
VacantMember services advocateN/AN/A

Now recruiting providers and professionals!

You can be a part of guiding Medicaid program plans and decisions! We invite you to apply to join the Medicaid Advisory Committee. Applications are due June 3.

All providers and professionals who have experience with the Wisconsin Medicaid program can apply.

The committee is looking for:

  • A behavioral health provider
  • An acute care case manager
  • A long-term care direct care worker
  • A member services advocate
  • A health equity expert

Apply by June 3

Apply online

You can also fill out a paper application (PDF).

For help applying, email

Share this information with your networks

Do you work with others who might be right for the vacancies listed above? Please share our Medicaid Advisory Committee recruitment flyer (PDF) with them! You can print it on an office printer or share it digitally.

Last revised May 13, 2024