Wraparound Milwaukee

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Wraparound Milwaukee is a program that coordinates care for youth in Milwaukee County who have serious behavioral, emotional, and mental health needs to help them stay in their home and/or community. Wraparound Milwaukee is run by the Milwaukee County Behavioral Health Division.

Youth who are enrolled in Wraparound Milwaukee will have a team of people working together to develop and carry out a plan of care that meets their specific needs. This team includes a care coordinator, the youth’s family, and other people the youth’s family would like to be involved, such as a human service worker, a welfare worker, teachers, therapists, friends, and community supports.

See If a Youth May Be Eligible

To be eligible for Wraparound Milwaukee, a youth must:

  • Be a member of BadgerCare Plus or Wisconsin Medicaid.
  • Live in Milwaukee County.
  • Be 0–20 years old.
  • Have a severe emotional disturbance.
  • Have a behavioral or emotional challenge that puts the youth at immediate risk of being placed out of home.
  • Be involved with at least two of the following:
    • Child protective services
    • Juvenile justice system
    • Mental health services
    • Special education
    • Social services
  • Not be in an inpatient psychiatric hospital or nursing home facility

Refer a Youth

Parents or guardians do not need to fill out an application for Wraparound Milwaukee. Instead, they can call the Children and Young Adult Mental Health Resource Line at 414-257-7607 to refer a youth to the program.

Staff will ask questions about the youth during the call to see if the youth meets basic eligibility criteria. If the youth meets the criteria, staff will schedule a time for the youth, parent, or guardian to meet with a Wraparound Milwaukee screener in person. During this meeting, the screener will ask additional questions about the youth. The youth or the youth’s parent or guardian will also need to sign an initial consent form during the meeting.

The screener and an enrollment coordinator will then review the provided information and decide if the youth can be enrolled in Wraparound Milwaukee. The screener will contact the youth, parent, or guardian with the decision. They will also get a letter in the mail with the decision.

Work With Wraparound Milwaukee

If a youth is eligible for Wraparound Milwaukee, Wraparound Milwaukee will match the youth and youth’s family with a care coordinator. The care coordinator will meet with the youth and youth’s family to:

  • Learn about the youth’s and family’s strengths and needs.
  • See who should be involved in working with the youth.
  • Work on developing plans for care and mental health emergencies.

More information on what to expect once a youth is approved for Wraparound Milwaukee is available in the Wraparound Milwaukee Family Handbook.

Pick a Doctor

Wraparound Milwaukee* will cover the mental health and alcohol- and drug-related services the youth gets. Youth, parents, or guardians can pick any provider in the Wraparound Milwaukee Resource Guide (PDF) to provide the youth’s mental health and alcohol- and drug-related services.

Any other services the youth needs while enrolled in Wraparound Milwaukee, such as dental care and prescriptions, will be provided on a fee-for-service basis. Fee-for-service means that a person’s doctor is paid for each type of service he or she provides. Sometimes fee-for-service is called “medical assistance” or “card services.” The youth can go to any doctor who accepts the ForwardHealth card to get these services. The youth should be able to keep his or her regular doctor and dentist.

If a youth is getting services from a BadgerCare Plus or Medicaid HMO, he or she will need to leave the HMO while enrolled in Wraparound Milwaukee. This will be done automatically. Once the youth’s enrollment in Wraparound Milwaukee ends, the youth will need to go back to getting services through a BadgerCare Plus or Medicaid HMO. If you have questions about this or if a youth is leaving Wraparound Milwaukee and needs to join a BadgerCare Plus or Medicaid HMO again, call the HMO Enrollment Specialist at 800-291-2002.

* Wraparound Milwaukee is a prepaid inpatient health plan (PIHP). Brian McBride serves as the director.

Contact Wraparound Milwaukee

If you have questions about Wraparound Milwaukee, you can call 414-257-7610. Wraparound Milwaukee staff is available from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday and from 8 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. on Wednesdays.

Last Revised: August 5, 2022