Wisconsin Oral Health Program - Contact Information

Mary Pesik, RDN, CD
Chronic Disease Prevention Unit Supervisor
Phone: 608-267-3694
Email: Mary.Pesik@dhs.wisconsin.gov

Robbyn Kuester, RDH
Sealant and Fluoridation Program Coordinator
Telephone: 608-266-0876
Email: Robbyn.Kuester@wisconsin.gov

Melissa Olson, MS
Telephone: 608-267-3945
Email: Melissa.Olson@wisconsin.gov

Jenna Schneider, MPH
Program Coordinator and Health Education Specialist
Telephone: 608-266-3702
Email: Jenna.Schneider@wisconsin.gov

Marisa Voelker, MPH
Oral Health Workforce Coordinator
Telephone: 608-266-3201
Email: Marisa.Voelker@wisconsin.gov

Mai Ka Hang, MPH
Evaluation Specialist
Telephone: 608-266-5357
Email: maikay.hang@wisconsin.gov

Last Revised: April 21, 2017