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Oral Health Program: Wisconsin Seal-A-Smile

Seal A Smile Logo

We want all Wisconsin children to have access to high-quality, school-based oral health services. In Wisconsin, 3 in 5 children in third grade have had a cavity. Unfortunately, cavities can cause pain, discomfort, and make eating or concentrating in class difficult.

Did you know that cavities can be prevented? Dental sealants can prevent 8 out of 10 cavities in back teeth, where most cavities occur. Sealants are a quick, easy and painless way to prevent most cavities children get and they can be applied by a dentist or dental hygienist right in schools. Applying sealants in schools ensures children spend as little time as possible away from the classroom. Watch a short dental sealant video explaining how they are applied.

Wisconsin Seal-A-Smile (SAS) is a collaborative effort between the Wisconsin Department of Health Services, Delta Dental of Wisconsin, and Children’s Health Alliance of Wisconsin. The program’s mission is to improve the oral health of Wisconsin children by providing school-based dental sealants. Parents can learn more about the program in this SAS video.

Each year, SAS provides funding to local programs to implement school-based oral health services. Grantees include local health departments, dentists, dental hygienists, schools, hospitals, community health centers, and non-profit safety net dental clinics. A request for proposals and grantee resources for SAS-funded programs can found at Wisconsin Seal-A-Smile.

Sign Up Your Child

Wisconsin Seal-A-Smile services are provided free of charge to all children that return a consent form. Sign up your child to receive dental sealants and other preventive services at school.


For more information regarding the Seal-A-Smile Program, please email:

Last revised September 13, 2022