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Oral Health Program: Information for All

On this page you will find fact sheets and links sorted by topic. Oral health professionals can find resources on our Information for Health Care Professionals webpage.

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Please explore each section to locate the information you find most helpful.

Thumbnail of antibiotics before dental procedures factsheet.

Antibiotics Before Dental Procedures, P-01966 (PDF) DHS publication: Information for patients about taking Antibiotics Before Dental Procedures.

Thumbnail of oral health and chronic disease prevention fact sheet.

Oral Health and Chronic Disease Prevention, P-02106 (PDF) DHS publication: Information on the connection between oral health and chronic disease.

Thumbnail of Oral health and diabetes fact sheet

Oral Health and Diabetes, P-00140 (PDF) DHS publication: Fact sheet explains the relationship between diabetes and oral health.

Thumbnail of Oral health and general health fact sheet.

Oral Health Affects General Health, P-00159 (PDF) DHS publication: Explains the relationship between general health and oral health.

Other resources

Thumbnail of healthy teeth for happy smiles oral health tips for parents and caregivers brochure.

Healthy Teeth for Happy Smiles, P-44078 (PDF) DHS publication: Brochure with oral health tips for caregivers of babies and children.

Thumbnail of Medicaid HealthCheck brochure.

Medicaid HealthCheck Brochure, P-01007 (PDF) DHS publication: Brochure explaining your child's Medicaid benefit called HealthCheck, what it means and how to schedule an appointment.

Thumbnail of Something to smile about slide deck.

Something to Smile About, P-00221 (PDF) DHS publication: Set of 22 slides providing parent education on children's oral health.

Thumbnail of milestones for mini mouths fact sheet.

Protect Tiny Teeth, Milestones for Mini-Mouths: Infographic, P-90034a DHS publication, English-Spanish: Information on caring for your baby's mouth from newborn to age 1.

Thumbnail of children's oral health fact sheet.

Children's Oral Health, P-44534 (PDF) DHS publication: Fact sheet explaining children's oral health and how parents can help children take care of their oral health.

Other resources

  Get free help to quit commercial tobacco and nicotine

Wisconsin Tobacco Quit Line

Customized plans and coaching
Ages 13+
 Text "READY" to 34191

Live Vape Free

Text support to quit e-cigarettes
Ages 13-17
 Text "VAPEFREE" to 873373

American Indian Quit Line

Culturally tailored coaching
Ages 18+

First Breath

Support during and after pregnancy
Ages 18+

  • First Breath Wisconsin Women's Health Foundation: Wisconsin’s free program to help people make positive changes to their commercial tobacco, alcohol and substance use during pregnancy and beyond.
  • Tobacco is Changing DHS: Tobacco is changing, faster than ever. It's tough for parents to recognize it when they see it, and even tougher to talk to kids about the dangers of commercial tobacco use. Use this page to keep up.
  • Wisconsin Tobacco Quit Line UW Center for Tobacco Research and Intervention (UW-CTRI): The Wisconsin Tobacco Quit Line is a free service to help people quit smoking, vaping, or other commercial tobacco use. Free 24/7 to any Wisconsin resident who is at least 13 years old.  Call 1-800-Quit-Now or  Text "READY" to 34191.
  • Smoking and Tobacco Use CDC, English-Spanish: Smoking harms nearly every organ of the body, causing many diseases and affecting the health of smokers in general.   Download infographics on the health effects of smoking.

Many people have questions about Community Water Fluoridation and Fluoride (DHS). Informed decisions are good decisions.

Explore accurate information and learn more about the mineral fluoride and community water fluoridation.

Thumbnail of dental sealants fact sheet.

Dental Sealants, P-40110 (PDF)

DHS publication: Fact sheet explaining tooth decay, dental sealants and how a school-based oral health program is helping students in Wisconsin.


Wisconsin Seal-A-Smile Wisconsin Seal-A-Smile (SAS), English-Spanish: local school-based oral health programs that provide preventive dental care to children in more than 850 schools across Wisconsin. Learn more about the program and sign your child up for services.

Did you know?

Opioids are not necessary for most dental pain, even surgical tooth extraction. Research shows there are safer alternatives to prescribing opioids for relief of oral pain.

  • Dose of Reality: Opioids in Wisconsin DHS: Information on Wisconsin's Opioid Epidemic and resources on topics such as prevention, getting help now, data and more.
  • Substance Use Disorders DHS: Information on substance use disorders and how to get help.
  • First Breath Wisconsin Women's Health Foundation: Wisconsin’s free program to help people make positive changes to their commercial tobacco, alcohol and substance use during pregnancy and beyond.
  • Opioids for Acute Pain - What you need to know CDC: Opioids may be prescribed for acute dental pain, like after a tooth extraction, but is not the best treatment. Learn how to best treat acute pain and know what to do if you are prescribed an opioid. Ask your dentist how to treat your tooth pain without opioids.

Thumbnail of Oral cancer factsheet.

Oral Cancer, P-00216 (PDF)

DHS publication: Fact sheet explaining oral cancer, its connection to oral health, symptoms, causes, prevention and Wisconsin facts.

Other resources

Thumbnail of Now you're brushing for two English infographic.

Brushing for Two: Infographic, P-90033a DHS publication, English-Spanish: Fact sheet containing information about caring for a pregnant person's mouth.

Thumbnail of Oral health during pregnancy fact sheet

Oral Health During Pregnancy, P-00137 (PDF) DHS publication: Learn how oral health changes during pregnancy, understand why oral health matters, and find tips to keep a pregnant person and their baby healthy.

Thumbnail of Questions moms are asking about oral health English brochure.

Provider Guide: Questions Moms are Asking About Oral Health, P-90032 DHS publication, English-Spanish: Trifold brochure answers questions about oral health during pregnancy and caring for an infant's mouth.

Other resources

  • Dental Care During Pregnancy is Safe and Important American Academy of Pediatrics and Children's Dental Health Project publication: Fact sheet explaining the safety and importance of dental care during pregnancy and provides tips on oral care.
  • First Breath Wisconsin Women's Health Foundation: Wisconsin’s free program to help people make positive changes to their commercial tobacco, alcohol and substance use during pregnancy and beyond.

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Last revised November 16, 2023